Cryptocurrency Affiliate Program

Hello everybody. In this video, I will talk about cryptocurrency earnings with the 3COMMAS affiliate program. If you are afraid to trade and use bots, then you can make money with crypto by inviting other users and traders. This is of course less risky, but it will take a lot of time and effort. Everything I will explain right now.

What is 3commas affiliate program?

Cryptocurrency Affiliate Program

If talk simple words, an affiliate program of 3COMMAS is about looking for customers who interest in crypto. They will register on this site by using your special referral link and pay the services of the company. For example, buy crypto bots. And you, as a partner, will get a commission from each payment of your client in 3commas.

Affiliate programs in 3commas have 3-level. Therefore, for a customer directly invited by you, you will get 25% of his payment. From your client, who in turn invited another person and made a payment – 15%. And finally, if your client invites another person, and he also invites another user, then from him, you will get 10% of his payment.

For example, by your link, another user paid 29 dollars the “Starter” tariff for 1 month. Calculating: from 29 dollars 15 percent, this is 4.35 dollars is your profit. If the client paid 579 dollars (with a discount) the “Pro” tariff for 1 year, then 86.85 dollars is your profit and is already more interesting. So if you are can invite more buyers, then higher your income.

First of all, you need to share your affiliate link from 3COMMAS. To start working, on the 3commas website, go to the “Invite friends” section. Here you have all the tools and statistics for the job. By default setting, you should already have created a promo code, and you will get your link by clicking here, on the button “Copy link”.

Cryptocurrency Affiliate Program Features

Refferal program of 3commas

You can create your new link by clicking on “Create new link” button. You will see two fields – this is “Code”, that is, the name of your link, and “Description”, that is, the description of your link. After filling in the information, click on the “Create” button. Below you will find ready-made graphic materials that already contain your referral link.

These graphic materials are presented in the form of trading pulses, 3COMMAS logos, and banners. Use them for your website, blog, or social media (Facebook or Line app) to share with friends and acquaintances. It needs to start to invite new customers for 3commas and earn from their purchases.

I recommend to you to post your partner link of 3COMMAS in your website or blog. Also, you should write articles with your affiliate link and share it on your Facebook main page and in different social groups. But just by writing the articles and share an affiliate link with few friends, won’t make any money for you. You need to do more work!

It is important to post and share your affiliate link on a large number of other sites, blogs, and social networks. But the ways, for example, on Facebook, you need to create your own group and post to it. Added to other groups every day and post your referral link there. So, this is serious work for every day and not too easy.

How to make money on a cryptocurrency affiliate program?

Cryptocurrency Affiliate Program

By focusing on this work by sharing and recommending your affiliate link of 3COMMAS every day, you can earn from 500 to 2,000 dollars per month staying at home. Sounds good, yep? This is for those who are afraid or not want to learn how to trade cryptocurrency themselves. But the way, if you trade yourself, combining this with affiliate marketing, then you can make much more money.

That’s exactly what I am doing – trading cryptocurrency and inviting other people to trade in 3commas. The main advantages of the 3commas affiliate program are: a 3-level reward system, a high percentage of income (from 10 to 25 percent), and an interesting and high-quality product that is popular in the crypto market.

Inviting the people by referral link, they don’t overpay. The client, on the contrary, gets a discount, which varies from 25 to 50%. As you are a partner, 3COMMAS pays you from your own wallet. If the user wants to register directly, he will pay at least the same price for the crypto bot or probably more, because he will not get a discount.

At the top of the “Invite friends” section, we have two buttons – “Withdraw” and “Transfer to main balance”. The “Withdraw” button is needed to make a request for withdrawal of your earned money by the 3commas email. You must write from the email to which you have a 3COMMAS account registered and tell them how much you want to withdraw funds and your crypto wallet address in USDT.

The “Transfer to main balance” button is needed if you need to transfer your funds to the 3commas main wallet to pay for the services of the site. For example, when you want to use crypto bots or Smart Trade. Below are the statistics where you can see how much for all the time, in the last 30 and 60 days you invited people and how much money you made.


Our video is going to an end. You have learned what is a cryptocurrency affiliate program in 3COMMAS, and how you can make money on it. Of course have many other affiliate programs, for example, from BINANCE and KUCOIN, but I recommend that you first focus on one. This will maximize success with cryptocurrency earnings.

Refferal program of 3commas
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