Laddering and profit in cryptocurrency

Good day friends. In this video, I will talk about the maximum profit in cryptocurrency trading. For this reason, you should use the 3commas service in order to have the ability to split the profit into targets (parts) and gradually close positions. Professional traders and investors often use this technique called “Laddering”, “Split Targets” or “StepSell”. I will tell you how to do this further!

Get maximum profit in crypto

laddering crypto

The Split Targets or StepSell function is another of the most useful features of 3commas to sell tokens step by step during a price increase. Let’s say you sell 25% of Bitcoin when the price reaches 11,000 USDT, 25% at 12,000 USDT, 25% at 13,000 USDT, and another 25% balance at 14,000 USDT. In general, it is possible to split the Take Profit target into 8 parts, setting for each its own price and volume.

StepSell is configurable and works for both SmartSell and SmartTrade. It is not necessary to set 25% for each part of the Take Profit. You can create 2 targets and split them in half (50% to 50%). Or create such a Take Profit with StepSell so that the first sale is 40%, the second 30%, the third 15%, and the fourth 15%. And if you want to divide Take Profit into 8 parts, then it may look like this: 1) 20%; 2) 20%; 3) 20%; 4) 10%; 5) 10%; 6) 10%; 7) 5%; 8) 5%.

The maximum number of ladders for closing profit in parts is available 8. StepSell allows you to maximize risk management and take as much as possible from the market. It often happens that when we set Take Profit, the price reaches it and goes further up, and the trader misses the opportunity to earn more. “Split Target” will help to solve this problem and follow the market.

Laddering or step by step Take Profit by Split Targets

laddering crypto

Of course, there is also Trailing Take Profit, but the mechanism of its operation is different and the order probably not be fully filled, when, as with StepSell, there is no such thing. To enable this function, in the Take Profit block, click on the “Split Targets” button. The price tracking method in this case remains the same, be it Bid or Ask. There was a separate video about the options for choosing price tracking.

To add the first target, click on “Add TP Target”. In the new field, you need to specify the volume and percentage for the first target. To create a new target, you need to click on “Add TP Target” again and so you can split Take Profit into 8 parts. Please note that the splitting occurs as a percentage of the expense of 100% of the free deposit. For convenience, the pie chart has been changed to show the volume already used.

The color of the sector shows that the volume belongs to a specific target, which will become noticeable after adding another sales target. The diagram shows how many more tokens are available for splitting, and on the right side of it, the sell targets are shown with information about these targets. When adding the last target, the quantity cannot be changed. The fact is that for this purpose, the remainder of the volume that was not used for previous purposes will be used.


In this video, I told you about the Split Targets in Take Profit (Ladder or StepSell). 3commas offers a step by step closing of positions automatically, without the need for the trader to constantly be in front of the chart and terminal. If used skillfully, this technique will allow you to increase the profit from your crypto trades. This video is over and see you soon again at

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