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The idea of creating such a robot came about in the process of operating spreading robots. A channel trading robot with a spread algorithm for the BINANCE cryptocurrency exchange is ideal for trading in medium—and low-liquidity cryptocurrency pairs, but it should work well for high-liquidity pairs as well (although it was not designed for high-liquidity pairs). The robot builds a price channel based on minimum and maximum prices for a certain period, and then performs transactions according to it. Also, the trading BINANCE bot takes into account the possibility of setting a gap (both positive and negative) to expand or reduce the trade channel. In addition, by means of the robot, you can configure the timeframe at which the trade will be performed, as well as the period (number of candlesticks) according to which the channel is built. And, of course, the trader can introduce trading pairs for trading.
Let's to know how is work
in this video for 3 minutes
Let's to know how is work
in this video for 3 minutes
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Price Channel Bot (with a spreader algorithm) for Binance

An important advantage is that you can use the trading BINANCE robot and set individual settings for each individual trading pair, because each pair has its own customizable, personal optimal settings.

In the trading bot for BINANCE, there is a spreader algorithm for controlling orders and trades, accurateness for error-free execution, control of the state of balance, etc.

How BINANCE trading robot’s trading activities can be viewed in the screenshot (this screen is reproduced from real trading — I added the data on the transactions that took place from the account’s stock exchanges):

In this screenshot, you can see how the channel strategy is performed by the execution of the Binance trading robot.

Cryptocurrency robot works completely autonomously. The operator manualis only required during the set up and when launching the bot. Furthermore, the BINANCE channel cryptocurrency bot, combined with the spreader algorithm, works independently by themselves. It can be installed on a remote server (one that is resistant to disconnecting from the Internet, lacks communication with the exchange, and is implemented and tested to work with the BINANCE bot).

Other advantages of the Channel Bot
Absolute resistance to manipulation

the robot is not subjected to manipulation

Distribution mode

the robot does not buy the currency
until it sells what was bought earlier

More spread

which can be set by the user
(by setting the channel parameters)

Two identical robots, even with identical settings
will not compete with each other
(the price is low due to this)

Cryptocurrency exchanges Our bots can trade on these exchanges in Thailand:
The cost of the robot,
is very democratic — 295$

The liquidity of the BINANCE exchange is very high
and there is a large number of trading instruments on this exchange. Therefore,
the robot's capacity for money is very high (tens of thousands of dollars).

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Changes in the new versions of the Channel Bot
11/03/2018 New release of the robot

— The secret key is now hidden from view—you can safely take screenshots or videos of the BINANCE robot trade

— The button “Cancel all orders” has been added — when you need to close the robot, you can immediately remove (without accessing the exchange) all the orders that the BINANCE trading robot has placed

— The robot binding mechanism has been changed, it is now attached to your account, and can work on any computer (it had to be opened from a particular computer before)

— Demo mode has been added—before ordering, now you can see how the robot is trading for 1 day (limited mode)

14/03/2018 New release of the robot

— Now the demo mode is limited only by time, otherwise it works without restrictions. Also, the duration of the demonstration mode has been increased to two days—before purchasing, you can fully try out the BINANCE trading robot.

— The statistics of trading results were added—analyzing trading and summing up has become much easier.

— Here’s what the statistics of a trading robot looks like:

— It is possible to select all or particular pairs (which the robot’s currently trading), all available deals or a certain range of dates, and as a result, you can see the full statistics of the BINANCE trading robot. In addition, the trading bot displays both net (in coins) and relative (in percent) income for each transaction, as well as the total number of coins per trading pair and the average income per transaction.

14/03/2018 New release of the robot

— Upon request of one of the buyers, I have made separate settings for the period and channel gap for buying and selling. Now you can customize the robot under each pair more individually.

— Instruction manual has been updated.

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