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The crypto trading robot "Active Grid" works as a group of orders - the grid. The first two leading orders are set at the borders of the price channel which was chosen by the user of the period. And in relation to these orders, at the specified distance, the remaining orders are set in the specified amount. When there are no open deals, and the channel changes, the bot will constantly reset orders for both—buying and selling. When one or a few orders are triggered, the part where it was triggered stops moving. That is, if the buying process was triggered, the buying orders won’t move anymore, but the selling orders will continue to move according to the constructed channel. This makes it possible to buy at a good price—and since it is done with a larger average movement, you’ll be buying it at an even better price— plus, with an exit on the opposite side of the channel, you’ll be getting increased profits.
Let's to know how is work
in this video for 9 minutes
Let's to know how is work
in this video for 9 minutes
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Strategy of the Active Grid Bot

Trade strategy of the robot is based on the calculation of the highs and lows for a certain time period with the possibility of additional purchases. The robot has a number of flexible settings to fully personalize the trading approach of each individual trading pair.

This robot came from the stock market, where robots of this type are highly popular due to the fact that they work at a mathematically advantageous position and are profitable (in the difference between the maximum and minimum of the channel, and also as an average).

In addition, it is possible to exit on different filter. To do this, the user can set it up to exit the position channel of another period. In this case, if the price reaches this level, and if the position is profiting, the bot will close the position. This will give you another advantage.

In this screenshot, you can see how the grid strategy is performed by the execution of the Bitmex trading robot.

Price for Active Grid Bot

The price of the cryptocurrency bot "Active Grid" is fixed and you pay for it only once.
There will be no subscriptions and no extra costs or hidden fees!

In addition, you can first try the bot completely free for 2 days. In the demo mode, the robot is fully functional, without any limits. The is a limited time access to the program.

After purchasing the robot you will receive all future updates of the "Active Grid" absolutely free! To do this, you need to follow the updates, and when they appear, just contact the developer.

The cost of the robot — 400$ Buy bot
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Advantages of Active Grid Bot

Trade in a group (grid) of pending orders. This will increase the chances of your profits.

The robot will be able to go on another filter and profit in the case of a market reversal.

Flexible settings.

Trial version - 2 days

One-time payment without subscriptions and additional expenses.