Registration on BX IN TH

Greetings. This time I will be explaining the Thai stock exchange for cryptocurrency on  BX IN TH to you. With this, we’ll be able to easily and quickly exchange Thai baht to bitcoin or another cryptocurrency; you’ll even be able to pay for the service on CRYPTORG with it. In this video, we’ll be learning how to register, connect your Thai bank account to your account on BX IN TH and how set up the 2-step authorization for it.

On here, you can also transfer your cryptocurrency to other crypto exchange stocks such as: BINANCE or KUCOIN for trading. With BX IN TH, it provides a simple and economic way to exchange Thai baht to bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. So, this is the reason why we should use this service. Can you see this here? For example, this is a chart that shows the current situation of the crypto market. It is a candle stick chart, with the time-frame from 1 hour till 12 and more, and you can also choose the day and month too. Below, you can see the current prices for different cryptocurrencies. And here on top of the page, you’ll see the option for changing the language; you can choose between Thai or English. Another important point is that on this exchange stock you can choose the Thai language, so it will be easier to use this service.

On this area of the page you’ll find the current exchange rate for Thai baht and bitcoin. For example, 30 000 baht at this moment it is about 0.14349146 BTC. If you Log In into the web site, you’ll have the opportunity, in this window, to exchange Thai to bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. In short, you can sell Thai baht for bitcoin or vice versa.

How sign up on BX IN TH

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So, let’s begin the registration process on BX IN TH. Open the link, which you can find below this video review.  You will see something like this web page. Click on the ‘Sign up’ button (สม้คร).  Enter in your email address, where you’ll be able to get your password from the system. You’ll need to enter in some other mandatory information such as: your name, family name and nickname. Confirm twice that you are not a bot and agree with the policies of web site, and finish off by click on «Sign up» (สม้คร)

The e-mail containing the password should have already been sent so you should go to your email box, open the message and find the password for BX IN TH. Let’s do go do it. Here is our login or nickname, which you must remember from before, and below is the password, select it and copy. Now, back to the Thai crypto exchange stock, enter in the password, log in, confirm that you are not bot and click on the botton “Enter the system” (เข้าสูระบบ). Next you will see a graphic captcha, which you will need to pass. It will take you a  few minutes. After you’ve passed the captcha, press the button “Enter the system” (เข้าสูระบบ) again. Here, you must then create new password and re-enter it again. Press on the botton “Create a new password” (ตั้งรหัสผ่านใหม่). At this point, for security, you will need to choose picture a with animal, which will be your personal image on this site. You should keep the picture and name of the animal safe, and please remember it too. I’ve chosen a picture of a monkey with the name ‘May’ เมย. Click on the botton “Same image” (บันทึกสัตว์ประจําตัว).

That’s now done, now we’ve already entered the service. The interface of BX IN TH looks like this. Here is our account and the settings. Also, from here you can find trading chart of the crypto market, its current prices and news concerning it. Everything about the crypto market is laid out here on this main page.

Connect Thai bank account to BX IN TH

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Now go to the section labeled “Deposit” (เงินของฉัน >>> เงินฝาก), here is where you can make operations for exchanging Thai baht to cryptocurrency and you can then send your crypto money to other crypto wallets. But before you do that, you should first make a verification, and after that you can connect your Thai bank account to your account on BX IN TH. So, we will begin to do that right now and I will explain everything, step by step.

On this page for the verification and to allow you to connect your Thai bank account to the thai crypto exchange stock,  you must first fill in all of your personal information—like your name, family name, age, province (Chonburi or Bangkok), home address, phone number, ect.

Now, you must upload your image of your Thai ID card or passport. And there’s also 1 more photo that you’ll need to upload. On a piece of  paper, writing the name of the service BX IN TH and add your personal signature (this must be the same signature that is on your passport). You will then need to hold this paper near your face, with your open passport or ID card. Both your face and the ID photo need to be clearly seen. You can do this by either taking a selfie, or ask someone to take the photo for you. For example, an example of how this should be done can be seen here. By the way, the same verification must be done on BINANCE, if you want use all features of that service. So, press the botton “Confirm verification” (ตกลงเพื่อตรวจสอบ).

Now, you just need to wait for the verification process to be finished. This process can take a few hours or maybe even 1 day, but it definitely shouldn’t take more than 1 day. Anyway, you will then get a notification in your email. If your request was rejected, they will tell you why— the reason is usually because your personal information was not sufficient or because your photos were not clear. Just make those alterations and complete the process once more.

When the verification is done, you will get the opportunity to connect your Thai bank account with this system. The next step is important, you must  disclose your personal Thai bank account information, the one which  you would like connect to BX IN TH. You must include the name of the bank, the branch, your account number, etc. Fill in all of the sections, your request will definitely be unsuccessful if you do not.  Another important thing that you need to do is to upload a photo of your bank savings deposit book, make sure that your full name and account number are clearly visible in the photo. The account number that you provide must also match the one displayed in the photo of your bank deposit book.  After you’ve sent in your request to connect your Thai bank account to BX IN TH, just wait for your request to be accepted.

Verification on BX IN TH

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Unlike BINANCE or KUCOIN, you do not need to turn on the two-step Google authenticator on BX IN TH. All the functions of this service will work fine without it. But the way, I recommend that you switch it on for your security. The web site will also remind you to set it up or turn it on sometimes if it is off.

We’ll now go to the page with the 2-step Google Authentication (รหัสผ่านตัวที่ 2 (2FA Code)), and at this stage you use a QR code or a simple code to install this app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. But you should have already installed this application, so that you can just scan the QR code or enter the code from your PC screen to your mobile app. With this, you will then receive a unique number , for BX IN TH,, on your mobile. You can then enter this number, from the application, into this page.

With that, we’re now finished. Just turn on the two-step Google Authentication. There are some negatives to having it on. For example, it will take longer when you wish to put money into your deposit, transfer money into your other crypto wallets or even when you request to exchange money from one cryptocurrency to another. However, it is important for you to have it on for your security.   You’ll just need to enter the code, from your Google Authentication app, here and then just click ‘Agree’(ตกลง).


In this video we talked about BX IN TH. Follow the steps that I have shared with you today and everything should be fine.  This service will be helpful for exchanging Thai baht to bitcoin (or any other cryptocurrency), transferring money to BINANCE or KUCOIN, as well as paying for the service used on CRYPTORG. I will explicitly teach you how to exchange cryptocurrency, transfer money, deposit money and withdraw it all in another video.  



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