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Let's to know how is work
in this video for 1 minute
Let's to know how is work
in this video for 1 minute
Why should you choose 3commas bots?
Concurrent profits and less loss

Smartest trading terminal in the cryptocurrency world. SmartTrade lets you trade and plan both withdrawal of profits and prevention of losses simultaneously. Would you like to buy at the price you’re wishing for? Or set a step TP for the order? Would you like to sell your existing deal at the price you want? is possible and it is simple to execute with SmartTrade terminal. Which can be utilized from any PC or smartphone.

Trailing features

Has all the trailing features you’ll need. Make maximum profits with auto-changing Stop Loss and Take Profit, as you’d like. For example, you wish to get +10%, but the cryptocurrency goes up to +20%? The trailing algorithm will follow the cost and close your deal, so that you get maximum profit. Automatically follow SmartSell and SmartTrade too.

Long bots

Long bots with custom signals or TradingView. Install DCA robot and choose from different signal sources. Use 3Commas "composite" signal or use any from multiple timeframes. It’s an excellent choice for the growing market.

Short bots

Possible for you to sell at a high price and buy at a lower one. Feeling boring of the falling market? 3Commas bot can solve this problem! Short bot will open and close deals by itself without your actions. An excellent choice for falling market.

Bots with QFL Method

Dead Cat Bounce QFL method - executed auto mode. QFL is a TA method, and normally you will need to check the graphs yourself, make changes in cryptocurrency trading as well as do other things by yourself. Best opportunity 3Commas will give you news through a QFL robot and it will trade for you in auto mode! An excellent choice for a stable market.

Composite bots

If you have a lot of different cryptocurrency you wish the robot to trade, you can use a composite bot and it will manage your deposit in auto mode. Composite bot uses your balance in a smart manner and it spends carefully. Much simpler and better to use compared to multiple usual robots.

Cryptocurrency exchanges Our bots can trade on these exchanges in Thailand:
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from $24 per month
  • Smart Trading terminal
  • Crypto-trade with no limits
  • Not have Personal signals Trading View
  • Not have any bots
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from $40 per month
  • Smart Trading terminal
  • Crypto trade with no limits
  • Personal signals Trading View
  • Only Simple bots
  • Not have Composite and Bitmex bots
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from $82 per month
  • Smart Trading terminal
  • Crypto trade with no limits
  • Personal signals Trading View
  • Simple + Composite bots + Bitmex bots
  • Full portfolio management
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  • Customize features
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