Cryptocurrency charts and indicators

To trade cryptocurrency effectively, you need to have the best trading tools. These are charts, indicators, and scripts for them, price alerts, automatic market analysis, skinners, and trading ideas of the trader community. All this and more at TradingView!

Crypto trader tools – TradingView

Cryptocurrency charts and indicators The advantages of TradingView are as follows:

1. Multifunctional digital money charts ranging from bars to candlesticks and lines. There are 12 types of charts in total!

2. Convenient tools for working and drawing on charts – 4 types of the cursor, 15 types of trend lines, Elliott waves, Fibonacci levels, 11 types of drawing and plotting graphical figures, 14 types of building trading setups, and much more.

3. Comparison of charts of different cryptocurrencies in real-time.

4. More than 1000 classic and modern indicators and their modifications, as well as the ability to quickly create or edit an existing indicator.

5. Fast creation and loading of a ready-made desktop from templates with all charts, pictures, and indicators.

TradingView Advantages

Cryptocurrency charts and indicators6. Deep analysis of the financial market and coins in general, their news, reviews, and recommendations for purchases by other traders.

7. Additionally, detailed statistics are provided for each instrument for a complete analysis of tokens.

8. Notifications about changes in digital money prices. Now there is no need to closely monitor a particular coin! It is enough to turn on the notification and when the price falls or rises, you will decide to enter the trade.

9. Possibility of effective learning by scrolling the chart back through its history.

10. Testing your trading strategies for Long and Short trades.

11. Deep customization and design of the trading interface and desktop.

How to use TradingView

Cryptocurrency charts and indicators12. The ability to quickly take a screenshot or video of your chart to share your trading ideas with other traders.

13. “Watchlist” for working with your favorite coins and quick access to them.

14. News, trading ideas, market overview in the form of articles and videos on TradingView for a better analysis of the cryptocurrency you are interested in.

TradingView offers 4 pricing plans. “Basic” is a free tariff plan that offers limited service options. You can use only 1 chart in one window and a maximum of 3 indicators. “Pro” for $ 15 per month allows you to open 2 charts in one window and use 5 indicators, 10 notifications, change the timeframe, for example, to 12 hours.

“Pro +” costs $ 29.95, offers 10 indicators simultaneously for one chart, 4 charts in one window, additional settings for indicators and charts. The $ 59.95 “Premium” plan allows you to open 25 indicators for one chart, 8 charts in one window, up to 400 notifications that never expire, full access to the trading history of the coin.


Head over to the TradingView website and let’s start using professional cryptocurrency charts and indicators to trade and invest effectively.

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