Active Grid Bot – crypto bot review and settings

The “Active Grid” bot it is an automatic margin bot for Bitmex exchange. The bot was created to work under any conditions in the crypto market and allows you to adapt to any conditions for maximum profit. “Active Grid” uses a price channel in trading and it sets up many ‘buy and sell’ orders. Bitmex also allows stock to dictate the bot’s work—not only in “Long” strategy but also in “Short”. It even works simultaneously.

Active Grid Bot for Bitmex exchange.

Here you can see the interface of the robot. First, enter the License, API keys, and private key and click the “Connect” button. When you create keys on the exchange stock, you must allow permission for it to begin trading, so that the “Active Grid” can trade. Choose any trading pair which you like and choose the volume of contracts for it. This is important! The Bitmex exchange stock accepts orders from one contract, but if activity begins with small orders, then the exchange can block the account from spam orders for one day.

For full activity, you need to trade with a volume of 0.0025 XBT. So, we’ll go to the table on the exchange and look at the values, it is quite easy to choose the number of contracts relative to the volume. We set 4 contracts. It is better the bot to trade simultaneously for the “Long” and “Short” strategies, and we’ll set it up to do so. Next, select the trading timeframe, it will be 5 minutes.

The period of the entry channel is 40 and the period of the exit channel is 20. Furthermore, if we set 3 orders, this means that 3 buy orders and 3 sell orders will be set up as well. And the martingale coefficient is needed if we put in more than 1, we’ll want to increase it, and if it’s less than 1, then we’ll want to decrease it. As a rule, it is better to increase it, so we’ll put 1 or 2.

If you want to add trading pairs, just add them, and if you suddenly want to remove it, just hold down the mouse over the pair and press the ‘Del’ button on the keyboard—your pair will then be removed. And press start for running the bot. In the logs, we can see how the “Active Grid” works.  Set up the buy and sell orders and then you can watch all of its actions from there. In open trading pairs and in open positions, we can see what the bot doing at the current moment.

Indicators and channels in “Active Grid bot”

Now, let’s set up the price channel. To do this, go to, and look for the right pair in the search function. Next, click the indicators and find the Price Channel. Select it, then click on the settings. Leave everything at the same value, as it is 20. We’ll then remove the central channel price line so that it does not disturb us. From there, go into the second Channel and put in the value 40, the central price line also gets removed. The Low and High Price makes it turn red. And that’s all.

You might be wondering what the Channel Period is upon Entrance as well as what the period of the channel is upon Exit. Well, The Period of the Channel at the Entrance is the period by which we will enter and this is the red line. And there is another Channel at the Exit, this Channel is the one with the value number of 20. What is it for? For example, if we bought here and the position reaches here—and at this point, it is at a positive result—then the bot will close here if you don’t want to use the second channel. The same will happen to the other channels. You can also change this in the “Long” and “Short”, but I would recommend that you work with them at the same time; it will be much more effective. Look at the chart and study it, you can even increase the channel, but it must be done carefully. We’ll set the channel to buy 60, in some other places it will be better. Thanks to the additional purchases, we’ll get even more profits from the bot.


If you have any questions, watch this video again or read our instructions—the ones where we go through all aspects of the bot and its settings Bitmex. If you have any questions after that, please be sure to ask and we will answer from the support team on This video is now finished, and I’ll see you in the next one.

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