Cryptorg Competition

If you are a CRYPTORG user (new users included—those with a free 14-day trial account) and you are connected to ONE of the five stocks, you are allowed to participate.

Duration of the competition.

It lasts for three weeks from 09/03/2018 ending on the 09/23/2018. Time: 00:00 09/03/2018 – 23:59 09/23/2018 UTC + 0.

Rules and winners.

All you need to do is to successfully close as many  CRYPTORG transactions as possible and your cycle should end with you making a profit. This means that the winner is not necessarily a player with huge deposits, but perhaps someone who selects the most profitable trading pairs. A special competition page will appear on our website, where the rating list of participants and the amount earned for positively completed transactions will be updating every minute. Each contestant can monitor his/her result and make adjustments to the tactics of their trade-behavior.

Read it twice!

Transactions on the KUCOIN exchange which are closed with profits at KickCoin will be credited with a five times higher factor. Thus, if you complete 10 successful trading cycles, you immediately get 50 points toward your ranking!

The information below is also very important!

The competition algorithm tracks trades which have been made on CRYPTORG only. Transactions carried out directly on the exchange-stock will not be included into your rating.

Note that successful transactions are counted via login and by personal accounts. If you have several balances within your account and each of them is traded on the stock exchange, then the chances of gaining a high position increases. You can apply for participation at any time, you only need to register at CRYPTORG and set up your robots.

As soon as the three weeks of the competition has passed, the winners will be determined. They will be the leaders of the table. Balances of the absolute winner and the prize-winners will be imbursed with crypto-coins. The competition will be followed by a new competition.

Rating of prizes.

The funds for this competition will equate to 1000 USD in KickCoins at the start of the competition.

1st to 5th place prize-winners will share 50% of the total prize fund

Those in 6th to 10th place will receive 30% of the prize fund and those in 11th to 20th place will receive 20% of the prize fund

Question – answer

1.What exchange sites are involved? KUCOIN and BINANCE.

2.Which pairs are suitable? Those available in CRYPTORG

3.Which pairs are sponsored? BTC-KICK, ETH-KICK

4.What is the sponser site? CoinMarketCap

5.What are the dates? From 03/09/2018 to 09/23/2018

6.What is the prize pool? $1000 USD to KickCoin at the start time (approximately 30,000 KickCoin)

7.When will prizes be paid? Within the week after the competition ends.

Current results (first 30 places)

Location Nickname Points.

1 Papi ****** a 10779

2 tqwd ****** u 4774

3 MaKa ****** O 4200

4 Vlad ****** i 3614

5 KOly ****** 5 3611

6 Aya ****** n 3047

7 Puss ****** n 3012

8 ERND ****** A 2485

9 Alex ****** r 2360

10 Mad _ ****** n 2201

11 sono ****** e 2152

12 toma ****** k 2121

13 frvr ****** s 1836

14 Toka ****** 4 1757

15 mia1 ****** 2 1700

16 max1 ****** m 1555

17 IGOn ****** N 1515

18 dim1 ****** 2 1413

19 Sir ****** n 1350

20 Ivgi ****** v 1288

21 OfK ****** 1 1243

22 sers ****** h 1232

23 kost ****** t 1201

24 anto ****** l 1160

25 vova ****** 9 1135

26 lAVO ****** X 1025

27 Metr ****** 4 1013

28 falc ****** c 1012

29 voro ****** b 996

30 serj ****** h 956

What should you know about KICKICO?

The company was successful at ICO in the fall of 2017.

KickICO is a unique crowdfunding 2.0 platform based on block-chain technology. With KickICO, you can start a large number of different types of fundraising: ICO, preICO, crowd-investing and crowd-funding.

KickICO—a platform that was created for society and its needs. KickICO is a unique and new economic reality formed by the community itself. A lot of startups and investors help each other at KickICO.

At the moment, the KickCoin (KICK) coin runs on many stocks, such as: KUCOIN, EXMO, HitBTC, Mercatox,, Bancor, Bibox, Coinbene, IDEX, EtherDelta.

The highest cost of the token since the beginning of the listing is $0.20, the trading volume is more than $300,000 per day.

The intentions of the KickICO team for 2018-19 are serious. These plans will include developments to its platform,  the introduction of several more related services into the ecosystem—its own stock, which will benefit the Kick coin.

Welcome to the CRYPTORG contest—funded by KickICO!

Cryptorg Competition
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