Crypto exchange VDollar

Good day. As a cryptocurrency trader and investor, I am constantly looking for new ways and sources to increase my wealth. And one of these sources has recently become for me the VDollar crypto exchange, which I will talk about in more detail in this article and video.

Features of the VDollar cryptocurrency exchange

Crypto exchange VDollarWhen I was looking for a website for online mining and passive earnings, I accidentally found the VDollar exchange, which currently offers unique solutions for cryptocurrency owners. After reading reviews about the exchange, and then independently testing it, I made positive conclusions for myself regarding this platform. Here I definitely liked the opportunity for profitable mining and a promising coin for investing Vdollar.

How much can you trust the VDollar exchange to keep your money on it? The company is completely legal, has the appropriate licenses and has headquarters in the USA, Colorado. All official and legal information can be checked at It is also worth noting that the platform offers not only cryptocurrency trading and mining but also has its own crypto wallet –

Mining and trading cryptocurrency in one place

Crypto exchange VDollarVDollar allows all users to trade and participate in cryptocurrency mining at the same time. In simple words, you can buy certain coins on VDollar not only for resale at a higher price but also hold for some time in order to use them for mining and get additional profit! A special URP pool (USDT Reserve Pool) is used, which guarantees the safety of funds.

Reserve USDT pool – the address on this network is transparent and verified. For mining, a native VDollar token is offered, which is limited to 10 million units. At the first issue of the coin, it will start to be mined for every 1 USDT of conversion of the transaction fee. In this case, each phase will be halved.

An analog of BNB, which will become more profitable

We all know that BNB (Binance Coin), by offering a large number of benefits for holders (low trading fees, Launchpad, Launchpool, Votes, Staking), has made tremendous growth and profits for its investors. However, other cryptocurrency exchanges are not standing still and are also developing their native tokens. So the VDollar exchange is ready to improve and develop its VDollar token, which will offer more advantages for investors than BNB, and will definitely grow in price in the future.

How will this be achieved? All thanks to all the advantages that BNB has – low trading fees, Launchpad, Launchpool, Votes, Staking, and even more. For example, profitable mining, which I talked about above, is the development of an ecosystem with the use of VDollar as a leading cryptocurrency with great value.

Limited capitalization will also contribute to growth. If BNB has 200 million, then VDollar has only 10 million. In addition, VDollar gives a 100% discount on transaction fees within the platform, while BNB is only 25%. And VDollar also has a decreasing token release and this release is completely transparent and verifiable.


The video about the VDollar exchange is completed. I told you about my impressions and experience of using this exchanger for cryptocurrency trading. I definitely liked the unique mechanism of online mining and trading here, as well as the native VDollar token, which is worth taking as an investment for a long time. That’s all until new videos on

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