The price of Bitcoin was below $5300

This week, the price of Bitcoin was at the lowest that it’s ever been all year—$5300. Now, the rate of Bitcoin has stabilized a little bit and it might be going even higher, so this coin is currently selling for approximately $5334. Another cryptocurrency has fallen too.

For example, Ethereum went down by $156, and XRP went down to 0.47 dollars per coin. The total full capitalization of all cryptocurrency at this moment is around USD $173 billion, but at the beginning of this year (01.2018) full capitalization amounted to $830 billion USD. Should we be afraid or not?

If we look back on history, around a year ago—in 2017—the situation was similar and this small capitalization was the same, it wasn’t very high. According to certain information and expert opinion, the cost of Bitcoin can decrease even further, and that is the reason as to why Bitcoin was separated into normal Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.


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