3commas – site for automated cryptocurrency trading

Good day, cryptocurrency traders! It’s Mike Aromday and the cryptocurrency channel botcryptotrade.com, and today I will be talking about another automated crypto trading system – 3commas. This will be the first video dedicated to this bot which trades Bitcoin and other crypto coins. I will tell you how it differs from other similar services, as well as what the advantages and disadvantages are for this service. Let’s start.

3commas – what is it?

3commas - service for auto trading cryptocurrency

I found a very useful tool for crypto traders – 3commas. If you are a crypto trader or have an interest in cryptocurrency, then you’ll understand the value of having convenient tools for optimizing and automating the many processes that come with crypto trading. And it is especially that it provides automatic trading bots, which can be customized at your discretion. These features and many other useful functions are provided by this 3commas service. Let’s explore it in more detail.

This service is an interactive platform for automatic trading robots (bots) which trades popular cryptocurrencies, to accompany this, traders should be using top crypto stock exchanges. Such as: Bittrex, Bitfinex, BINANCE (the largest crypto exchange), Bitstamp, KUCOIN (also a very good exchange), Poloniex, HitBTC, Cex, Coinbase Pro, OKEX Huobi, YOBIT and BITMEX. That is a very large list of crypto stock exchanges for the exchange and purchase of cryptocurrency.

And on 3commas, you will also find the richest functions for manual trading. For crypto trading, you’ll get features like Buy / Sell, Smart Trade, Smart Sell, and Smart Cover. For auto crypto trading you will find: Composite Stop Loss and Take Profit, Trailing features, Long bots, Short bots, Bots with QFL Method, and Composite bots. Such tools are of interest to both the current crypto traders and many other crypto investors.

What are the unique features does 3commas have for crypto trading?

3commas - service for auto trading cryptocurrency

If you are an investor in a crypto economy that buys top crypto coins for the long term, or you would like to be crypto trader, then you will be interested in these next features of 3commas’s service:

– Track your whole cryptocurrency portfolio on the one platform – you can watch the dynamics of the cryptocurrency balance, which takes place on different crypto stock exchanges.

– The ability to track the portfolios of other members who use the service and analyze their results. With this, you can see which coins other investors are choosing and choose the same crypto coins, plus correct your portfolio. Also, 3commas provides a  feature that will “auto-balance” your portfolio.

– Buy and sell cryptocurrency on different exchanges through one service.

– Gives you the ability to set up Stop Loss and Take Profit functions at the same time.

– Simultaneously set up Trailing Stop Loss (TSL) and Trailing Take Profit (TTP).

– Building complex strategies for buying or selling your cryptocurrency to get maximum positive profit and income.

– Analysis of the results of your crypto portfolio, as well as other users’ portfolios, and also, you’ll get access to analytics tips.

With all these tools and service features, you can comfortably automate all your crypto trading and investment processes, to make them safer and more profitable.


This video has come to an end. We had an introductory video about the service of automatic and smart crypto trading with 3commas. These crypto bots and this service work very effectively. And the possibilities of service will be able to satisfy anyone. Open an account and try it for yourself!

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