Best crypto exchanges – top 2021

Hello dear Traders. Today I will talk about all known and unknown exchanges for trading cryptocurrency. I will explain about their features and how they differ from each other. I will begin a brief review of each exchange in turn. In order of popularity and further in descending order. Please note that this is my personal opinion and it may differ from yours. Let’s go.

Top 5 cryptocurrency exchanges in the 2021 year

Best crypto exchanges - top 2021

1. BINANCE – the most popular and largest exchange in terms of the trading volume. Separately, there is a platform for trading with margin leverage and futures contracts. The platform offers various and interesting services, such as a cryptocurrency loan, receiving passive income from investments, savings deposits, support for new IEO. Binance also often to organize interesting games and completions with prizes. Registration on the page is – BINANCE, and Binance Futures on the page is –  Binance Futures.

2. Kucoin – is another of the popular and interesting exchange. A young and actively developing company. It has its own platform for trading in spots and financial markets, supports margin trading as well. Registration on the page is – Kucoin. 3. Bitmex – previously, it was the number 1 exchanger for trading contracts with leverage in the crypto markets. Now the position of the exchange has weakened, but some traders still use it. Registration on the page – Bitmex.

4. Huobi – is one of the oldest crypto exchanges, which was opened back in 2014. It focuses mainly on the Chinese market. The platform offers wide tools for manual and automatic trading. Huobi is famous for the high security of traders’ wallets. Registration on the page – Huobi.

5. Kriptomat is one of the new but gaining popularity crypto exchanges. Unlike most other cryptocurrency exchanges that are Asian, this resource is European. This, in turn, allows you to quickly buy cryptocurrency in Europe in a matter of minutes, link your account to a European bank and start trading tokens. Kriptomat also offers a multi-cryptocurrency wallet for PC, iOS, and Android devices with high security and reliability. Registration on the page – Kriptomat.

Top 15 crypto exchanges in the 2021 year

Best crypto exchanges - top 2021

6. EXMO – the exchange has been operating since 2013, on which it is possible to deposit and withdraw euros and dollars. A high level of security, but somewhat slower than other exchanges. 7. Bitstamp – an average exchange, with the usual commission and speed. It supports many tools for automated trading.

8. Bybit – cryptocurrency derivatives exchange. Offers services for institutional and individual traders. 9. Coinbase – simultaneously a crypto wallet and exchange. Offers digital payments like Wechat. 10. Gate. Oi – the number of clients of the exchange is about 10 million people. Orders for the purchase of digital money are executed quite quickly. 11. Hitbtc – a platform with a beautiful design and fast engine, which has been on the market since 2013.

12. Kraken – used to be a popular and large crypto exchange before. It was founded in the 2000 year, and began its activities in the field of digital money in 2011. 13. Poloniex – was also previously a major cryptocurrency exchange. Here you can sell or buy almost all famous crypto pairs. 14. Yobit – supports a lot of crypto pairs also. There are many useful functions, and sometimes it gives out new tokens to users for free. 15. – previously offered cloud mining services, and after it became a digital money exchange. Uses anti-money laundering methods.

Other crypto exchanges in the 2021 year

Best crypto exchanges - top 2021

16. BITKUB – it is a Thai exchange, deserves special attention. If you live in Thailand or have a Thai bank account, so Bitkub is useful for exchanging Thai baht for coins. The process is fast and with a small commission. A worthy replacement for the previously popular but already closed BX.IN.TH exchange. Registration on the page – BITKUB.

17. Okex – is also a popular exchange in Thailand. Thai people love this exchange, although in terms of capabilities and functionality it is inferior to the previous one. Supports the Thai language. 18. SnapEx – a small exchange with an average trading volume. There is a group of traders from Thailand. 19. Livecoin is one of the old exchanges that could not win the love of traders but still works.

20. Gdax – the exchange is free for 0.25% for takers and makers. 21 Bithumb – Offers easy trading solutions for beginners. And for professionals, useful tools. 22. Upbit – is a multi-platform for trading various digital money. The great demand for this exchanger especially in Southeast Asia. 23. Btcalpha – a security exchange. It has many professional features and an intuitive interface.

24. Bitfinex – is also an old exchange, which was opened in 2014. One of the first exchanges to offer margin trading in the spot market. Currently, it is actively continuing to develop its platform for trading with margin. Registration on the page – Bitfinex.


The video about the review of most crypto exchanges is coming to the end. All exchanges from the first to the fifteenth inclusive support 3COMMAS bots. Therefore, all of them can be considered for constant use. However, I recommend focusing on the TOP 5 exchanges. Personally, I only trade in BINANCE, Binance Futures, and Kucoin. See you at the next of my videos!

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