Binance Launchpad and Lottery

Hello everyone. In this video, I will talk about the Launchpad and lottery of BINANCE. This is one of the safest options for making money on the cryptocurrency, and special knowledge and skills are not required. Only for participation in the lottery is it necessary to pass an identity verification: show your personal details from a passport. But it allows you with minimal risk to make money on Binance. Here we go.

Launchpad Binance – what is it?

Binance Launchpad and Lottery

Launchpad Binance is a crypto launch platform for prospective projects. More information can be found at For cryptocurrency owners, this is the opportunity to launch their digital money on BINANCE and get support from this crypto exchange. For example, on this page can be applied to launch for listing your own token.

Click on the “Apply to launch” icon and a new page will open. Here you will have to fill out the information about your company and cryptocurrency. But this platform is interesting not only for crypto owners. For normal users and traders, this is also an opportunity to make money, and sometimes very good money.

The fact is that in order to support the launch of the new digital money, users’ participation is required. They should buy and keep some amount of BNB (Binance coin) for a certain period of time. BNB is the digital coin of the BINANCE exchange itself. To make it clearer, now I will show an example. We back to the page

Select a project, for example, “WazirX – BNB session”. Will open a new page with a description of the WazirX cryptocurrency (WRX) and information on the past lottery. Go to the “View detailed rules” section. On the next page, will be the conditions of the Binance lottery and the details of the WRX token. Here can check how many tokens were put into circulation, the cost at the time of launch, and so on.

Features Launchpad Binance

Binance Launchpad and Lottery

Next is the chronology of the lottery. 1) Preparation time, 2020/01/04 00:00 AM (UTC) until 2020/02/03 00:00 AM (UTC), that is, for 30 days you need to keep BNB. Duration and time can be changing, for example, 7 days. New Launchpad BINANCE – different conditions. 2020/02/03 06:00 (UTC): The ticket application will be open to all users with BNB in the account within 24 hours.

Users must sign a token purchase agreement at the same time as filling out a ticket claim. Please note that users will be able to claim tickets only once. Now another date is 2020/02/04 06:00 (UTC): The ticket claim closes and the lottery draw starts. And the last step 2020/02/04 08:00 (UTC): Announcement of winning tickets.

Keep in mind that the corresponding BNB accounts will be deducted from the accounts of each winning user. That is, in case of winning tickets and calculating a new cryptocurrency, Binance will deduct from you the percentage in BNB. For example, you win and get $ 200 in WRX for 1 ticket, which means you will be charged $ 200 in BNB at the current exchange rate. Nothing is free in the world.

Therefore, make sure that you have enough BNB in ​​your spot exchange account so that BINANCE can deduct it within 24 hours if you have a winning ticket. Please note that BNB in ​​open orders, margin accounts, loan products, sub-accounts, futures, or fiat accounts will not be entitled to a deduction. And now we turn to the calculation.

How to profitably participate in the Binance lottery?

Binance Launchpad and Lottery

Users claim no more than 10 lottery tickets, depending on their average daily contribution to the BNB during the 30-day (the number may be different) period preceding the date the tickets were claimed. So, 50 ≤ X <100 means that your average BNB balance for the entire period is maintained at 50 BNB or more, but does not exceed 100 BNB.

The spreadsheet with the calculation here. For example, if you have 50 or 99 BNB, you will get 1 ticket. If you have from 450 to 499 BNB, then 9 tickets. And finally, if you have exactly 500 BNB or more, then you have a chance to get 10 tickets. More than 10 tickets, even if you have 600 or 1000 BNB in your account, you will not get. After claim the application – “Ticket Claim”, the next day there will be a draw ticket.

Having, for example, 10 tickets does not mean that you will win all tickets. You can win 7, 5, 1 tickets or not win any, unfortunately. Just the more BNB and tickets you have, the greater the probability of winning, but there is no guarantee. The final stage is the announcement of the results, where you will know how many tickets won or did not win a single one.

And finally, let’s say if you won 5 tickets, then you need to wait for the launch of a new cryptocurrency on BINANCE. This crypto exchange on the page will release the news of the day and time of the start of trading. Usually, this happens immediately the day after the announcement of the results, at 3 a.m. UTC time (Thai time at 10 a.m.).

But time can often change, so stay tuned. And most importantly – why you need to participate in all this and keep the BNB? Because of the winning tickets, you will get a new cryptocurrency and there is a chance of making big profits on its growth. Now I will open the USDT_WRX chart and show it clearly. Here we had a price before the opening of trading.

And here 5 minutes after the opening, and here on the second day. In general, the token made multiple growths in a short period of time. For example, you won one WRX ticket, this is 200 USD (10,000 WRX). On the first day, the price increased 3 times, and if you sold on the time it is already 600 USD. Not bad, yes? Another example with CTSI. You can also see how the coin made a big increase on the first day.


In this video, I just told you about the BINANCE lottery. It is a great opportunity to earn extra money with cryptocurrencies. I personally constantly keep 500 BNB and earn from 200 to 400 dollars per one lottery in 5 minutes. Sometimes it can be more. If you are interested in how you can make more money on BNB lotteries, contact me and I will tell you in details.

Lottery BNB Binance
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