Binary options cryptocurrency

In this video, I will have a review of Binance options. Binary options BINANCE is starting to be very popular due to the ability to trade from a mobile phone. Options have always been the easiest way to trade, but despite this, it is easy to lose money there. It is worth spending time and effort on this, I will tell in this video. Here we go.

Review of Binary Options crypto

Binary options cryptocurrency

There is a lot of meanings to binary options. The first meaning is a financial derivative, known around the world for a long time. The second meaning – the option is a contract under which a trader gets the opportunity to make a sale or buy of the underlying asset at a pre-agreed price.

The third meaning – the binary option is an option that, depending on the agreed time and conditions, brings profit or loss. The option can also be referred to as the fixed-profit option or the digital option. When trading options, you need to understand whether the price of this asset will be BELOW (BUY PUT) or ABOVE (BUY CALL).

The trader is required to determine the direction of the change in the price of the asset, when how the change in the price itself is not important. Therefore, income in binary options will depend on this. From all the binary options trading platforms, I recommend BINANCE options as the most tested and reliable. It is required to download the application for a smartphone on Android or iPhone.

Advantages of Binance Options

binance options

Binance binary options appeared in April 2020, but have already gained immense popularity around the world. They have the next advantages:

• Intuitive and convenient trading, you need just to click one of the two buttons – “BUY PUT” or “BUY CALL”.

• Ability to make trades from a smartphone, tablet, or other mobile devices.

• Security and trade protection guaranteed by BINANCE – the most popular cryptocurrency exchange in the world.

• Big liquidity and activity on the exchange among traders.

• Frequent updates and support for Android and iPhone devices.

How to trade on Binance options

Binary options cryptocurrency

I repeat again that the trader must determine the chosen change price direction – the price will go up or down. And how many percentage change price is not important. In BINANCE options, the premium is first deducted only after calculating the profit from the balance of the wallet of the future. Before placing an order to buy options, make sure that you have enough free margin.

Please note that in order to earn net income when trading options, the profit must be greater than the premium. Income can be from zero to infinity, and the premium is a fixed price that is paid at the very beginning. The net income from options transactions is the income minus the premium.

As a result, options have a fixed value, paid in advance, and unlimited growth potential. All transactions are carried out at the market price. There is no guarantee that the price of the asset that you see will be the exact price at which you close the order, although this price is fairly close.

However, small orders or orders executed during the “normal” behavior of the crypto market usually need to be almost accurate. But large orders or orders executed during the “active” crypto market may differ slightly depending on the execution of orders. Therefore, binary options should be traded with extreme caution.


In this video, I had a review of Binance options. Keep in mind that there is no guarantee that buying options will be profitable after deducting a premium. Some of the options purchases will not be so profitable, and the other one can bring a good profit. Please consider all risks! To start trading options, go to the “Binance options” page, register, download the application and log in to it. That’s all. Waiting for you in my new videos.

binance options
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