Bitmex bots 2021

Hello dear friends. In this video, I will tell you what’s new in the 3commas bots for the Bitmex cryptocurrency exchange. In the previous video “Bitmex Strategy and Bots”, which is almost 2 years old, I made an overview of the main features of this robot. During this time, there have been many interesting features and improvements that you should be aware of. Let’s start!

Free Bitmex Bots

bitmex bots 2021To begin with, within 3 days as a new user you have the opportunity to use the Bitmex bot for free. To do this, you need to open an account on 3commas, connect the Bitmex exchange, make the necessary settings and start using the service! For 3 days, you are given a free “Pro” tariff plan, which supports trading in the futures market.

If you don’t want to trade real money right away, you can use a demo account (Paper Trading). This will allow you to test the capabilities of the new bot for the crypto futures market. After 3 days, the “Pro” tariff plan will expire and you should choose one of the subscriptions or stay on the “Free” tariff plan. I must say right away that futures robots for cryptocurrencies on Bitmex or Binance Futures are only available on the “Pro” subscription.

Improved Bitmex robots

On a “Free” subscription, you can create only one simple bot for the spot market and there are many restrictions. Now I will tell you what’s new in Bitmex robots at 3commas in 2021. The first is the ability to specify an “Isolated” or “Cross” shoulder. Previously, there was no choice and only “Cross” leverage was offered by default. The slider for setting the leverage has become more convenient for quickly entering the required amount of borrowing from the exchange.

Second, more signals for Bitmex bots. Previously, only 3 signals were available for futures bots in 3commas – open a trade immediately, QFL, CQS Scalping and that’s it! Now there are many more signals – any custom signals from TradingView, paid and free signals from the 3commas store: BeatingTheOdds Simple Bot, Blockchain Education Signals, Swing Trade Pros – Scalper Alerts.

What’s new in Bitmex bots at 3commas in 2021?

The third is the advanced settings of the bot, which include not starting a deal if the volume is less than the specified one, the minimum price for opening a deal, the maximum price for opening a deal, the interval between deals, and stopping the bot after the specified number of deals. Fourth – improved Trailing Take Profit and Trailing Stop Loss, allowing you to get the maximum profit and minimize money loss.

Fifth, Grid (grid bots) for Bitmex have appeared, which will take your trading to the next level. Initially, these bots did not exist and in 2019 they first appeared on the Spot market, and then on the Futures market. Grid robots trade with a manually or automatically configured grid of orders. Suitable for traders who like to work simultaneously in buying and selling tokens.


The video about Bitmex bots 2021 is coming to the end. I told you about 5 innovations on 3commas of these robots. These are “Isolated” or “Cross” leverage, new signals for opening trades, advanced bot settings, improved Trailing Take Profit and Trailing Stop Loss and grid robots. That’s all and see you until the new videos on

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