Bots cryptocurrency 2021

Hello crypto traders. This time I want to tell you about some well-known cryptocurrency bots and compare them with 3commas bots. The fact is that in the crypto market for the end of 2020 and early 2021 year, have appeared many interesting IT solutions for trade automation. But 3commas bots still the best, because they are constantly improving and new functions appear in them. Let’s start our dive into the world of crypto robots!

Top 7 bots for crypto trading

Bots crypto 2021

7.Moon Bots – offers Tick Chart, ready-made bot strategies, fast manual scalping mode, and trust management. The program is downloaded and installed on a computer, after which it connects to the required exchange using API keys. Disadvantages: no grid bot, no option bot, futures, and margin bots are available separately and do not work very well if compared to competitors, a limited number of crypto exchanges are supported.

6. Tradesanta bots – the platform is very similar to that of Cryptorg. The functionality and tariff plans are very similar. Advantages: low cost of the tariff plan from 14 to 30 USD per month, ready-made templates for robots, technical indicators are already optimally configured (RSI, MACD, and Bollinger). Disadvantages: apart from the above indicators, there are no others. Grid and DCA bots are greatly simplified compared to competitors, there are no futures and margin bots.

5. Shrimpy bots – the best tools for automatically forming an investor’s portfolio, a detailed history of transactions, and it’s free. The rest of the functionality for just $ 13 per month: auto-balancing of the investor’s portfolio, backtest portfolio, social games, and additional income from this. Disadvantages: no tools for productive manual and automated trading. The service is especially intended for long term crypto holders.

Comparison of cryptocurrency bots

Bots crypto 2021

4. Gubot bots – a convenient strategy tester, its own trading terminal for manual trading, 15 unique strategies, Trailing, many indicators, the system offers automatic bot settings. Disadvantages: limitation on the number of exchanges (maximum 5), expensive tariff plans and payment only with bitcoin (up to $ 1300), lack of grid, option, futures, and margin bots, the program interface is overloaded.

3. Cryptorg bots – there is a cryptocurrency exchanger and tokens for trading, a low price of a tariff plan from 14 to 30 USD per month, unique templates for bots, technical indicators are already optimally configured (RSI, MACD, and Bollinger). Disadvantages: few indicators and others cannot be attached. There are no options, grid, margin, and futures bots, and no terminal for efficient manual trading. And as an exchange, Cryptorg is not very popular and liquid.

2. Crypto Hopper bots – convenient tools for investor portfolio management and manual trading. Have set up already strategies and triggers for crypto robots and simulated robots available. Tools for in-depth analysis of the crypto market and arbitrage among crypto exchanges. Disadvantages: limitation on the number of pairs and deals. The demo mode (paper trading) is made inconvenient, and some functions do not work well enough, for example, Trailing.

What are the best crypto bots?

Bots crypto 2021

1.3commas bots – and now we come to the main and best crypto bot platform. After testing many crypto trading robots by myself for more than 3 years, 3commas remains unrivaled for me. When I started to create the website, I spent a long time choosing suitable bots and first used Cryptorg. However, then my choice fell on 3commas and all this time I have been using only this platform. 3commas have next advantages:

1) Value for money = quality. The bots here are not the cheapest, but also not the most expensive compared to competitors, and the functionality is the most extensive. 2) Demo mode (Paper trading) is available on the initial and low-cost tariff plan and allows the novice trader to learn how to trade crypto without risk.

3). Smart Trade – a large number of functions for manual Smart Trade trading in Long and Short, with additional orders, for example, Conditional order and perfectly working Trailing Stop Loss and Trade Profit, as well as the futures market and leverage. 4) Smart grid bots, with minimal trading risk and maximum profit.

3commas is the best platform for manual and auto trading

Bots crypto 2021

5) DCA bots with automatic and manual strategies. 6) Copy trading – when you can copy the settings of successful bots of other users. 7) Cryptocurrency signals for the manual trading terminal. 8) An investor’s portfolio manager and portfolio auto-balancing as cryptocurrency holder need for the long term.

9) Option, futures, and margin bots with leverage. 10) A huge number of signals for bots that are selected and configured in 3commas, either connected from TradingView or bought in the 3commas Marketplace. 11) Terminal for fast trading and scalping coins. 12) The number of exchanges, deals, and trade coins for bots (component bots) is unlimited. 13) Arbitration among crypto exchanges. 14) Trader’s diary and full trading history.

Of the shortcomings of 3commas, it should be noted that the service is not for everyone, since it is not cheap, but also not expensive. You first need to learn how to trade, and for this, by the way, there are special courses on cryptocurrency trading on 3commas and site will help you with education. But the way 3commas does not support absolutely all exchanges, for example, Bitkub, because only support popular exchanges in the world, for example, Binance or Kucoin.

And sometimes there are problems with this platform, the site sometimes temporarily does not respond. This happens rarely and, to be honest, it happens with other cryptocurrency trading platforms. The developers of 3commas are constantly working to improve the service – the old functions are being finalized and new functions are added, while the cost remains the same.


The video about cryptocurrency bots in 2021 is done already. I explained what new benefits appeared in 3commas at the end of 2020 and the beginning of the 2021 year, as well as regarding other crypto robots. For example, improvements have been made to the Grid bot and new Option bots have become, as well as a Terminal for quick manual trading and scalping become also, but this is already a topic for separate videos and articles. That’s all and see you until new videos on

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