Copy successful crypto bots in 2 minutes

Good day, friends. In the previous video, I talked about how to create Short, Simple, Composite, and Composite Short bots. As you can see, there are a lot of things and subtleties that you definitely need to understand. However, if you want to start crypto trading quickly and profit from it, there is a simple way—just copy deals and bots on 3commas in a mere 2 minutes. We’ll be talking about this in today’s video. Keep watching.

How to copy crypto bots?

Copy deals and bots on 3commas

The 3commas service provides you with a unique opportunity to copy the settings of successful bots. This will allow you to start crypto trading quickly, with a high probability of profit and minimal waste of time spent exploring the site and settings. Nevertheless, I still recommend that you should understand how 3commas and the settings of its bots works. Just so that you do not make mistakes and so that you can effectively auto trade cryptocurrency.

So, the first way is to go to the “Bots” page, and here we can find the filter “Search for bot configurations”. In the field “Bot type”, you can select the type of bot whose settings we are interested in—you can choose from Simple, Composite, Short, and Composite short bots. If you do not choose the type of bot, then by default we will have all types of bots included in the search. The next parameter is “Profit per day in %”. This indicates the percentage of profitability of a bot’s deals, the higher this %, the bigger the profit of the bot, but this also means the higher the risk of loss. So, you should choose something average.

It is then followed by the parameter number of “Days running”. This shows the number of successful days this bot has had, since its creation. The longer the bot runs, the more reliable it is. And the last parameter— “Conditions for opening a trade”—is where you can select the condition for starting a deal, such as Trading View, QFL, New Trade Asap, and Manually / API. If we leave this field empty, we will be able to access bots of any parameters to open trades.

After you have set the necessary filters for the search (if you did not specify the search for filters, you can skip the previous step), we then proceed to the search for settings. You can choose any successful pairs that pique your interest, just click on the “View config” icon. Open the settings—for example, the pair “BTC_GAS” for the Short bot.

The settings menu will open.  The left part will provide complete information about the settings and parameters of this bot, with the pair of “BTC_GAS”. For example, the date of creation of the bot and here, you can see, Trailing is disabled. In general, the left part is where we can see all the important information about the bot. And in the right, you’ll get information about the trade history of the bot. Here, you can see the daily profit of the bot on the graphs. Below, in the “Statistics” field, you can see the number of “completed deals”—40, the number of current “active deals”—1, and the amount of “profit from completed deals”—+48.43 $ (+0.01437207 BTC). Not bad, right?

To copy this robot, click on the “Copy” button. You will immediately get to the page of the creation and settings of the short bot, but with a selected trading pair, all the parameters are configured. The bot is immediately ready to be saved and used, but it is still better to take into account the volume of deposit funds it needs. You need to check all the parameters and, if necessary, change them so that it suits the money on your deposit. Then click on the button “Create a bot”. That’s it. The bot is created and after that, you can run it. You just need to wait to receive the profits from your copied bot.

We can also copy the settings of the Composite bot. For example, on the same page, let’s look at the composite bot for the pairs “BTC_ADA BTC_ADX”. Open it and see the whole list of pairs “BTC_ADA BTC_ADX BTC_AE BTC_AGI BTC_AION BTC_AMB …”—composite bots can trade many pairs at the same time, so do not be surprised. We can also see the other parameters, but they are almost all the same as the Simple and Short bots. And now, for the most interesting thing, let’s take a look at the graphs of its profitability. They are very high!

But here, other than the chart—”profit per day”—there is one more chart—”profit of crypto pairs”. Let’s look at the statistics of the Composite bot. Here, you can see that the number of “completed deals” totals 133, the number of currently “active deals” is 0 and the amount of “profit from completed deals” is +424.13 $ (+0.12438268 BTC). The profit of a Composite bot is on average much higher than a Simple bot—+424.13 $ (+0.12438268 BTC) versus +48.43 $ (+0.01437207 BTC). The results speak for themselves. I’ll definitely personally use this bot with its settings on the “Pro” tariff plan, for sure.

Copy the best Simple and Composite crypto bots

Copy deals and bots on 3commas

You can also copy the best of any Simple and Composite bot on the page “Analytics bots.” Here, in the upper left column, we see the best Simple bots—which have been divided by trading pairs. To the right, we have the current information on the deals and trading pairs. We can click on the “icon with the eye”, let’s select a pair of BTC_QKC and open their settings. You just need to create a bot, after that, just check its parameters—like how much you’ll need to use from your deposit and after that, you can run it.

Below, on the same page that has “The best Composite bots”, we have the name of the bot. Then, in front of each Composite bot, the number of crypto pairs that have been traded by it, the maximum number of active deals, and the number of completed deals are indicated. To copy the best Composite crypto bot, click on the “eye icon”, let’s select BTC_XXX and go to its settings. And just click to create a bot, before checking its parameters and run it.


Our video about copying Simple, Short, Composite, and Composite Short bots on 3commas has come to an end. You have just learned how to get an effective working tool for cryptocurrency trading in just a couple of minutes. Learn how to do it and try it out for yourselves.


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