Crypto Competitions of Binance and 3commas

Hi all traders. In this video, I want to talk about the crypto competitions that happened in the BINANCE and 3COMMAS. The fact is that this is a great opportunity to earn not only good cash prizes but also to trade on cryptocurrencies with discounts and benefits. I’ll tell and show about everything in a row right now.

Binance competition

Crypto Competitions of Binance and 3commas

Competitions on crypto exchanges it is usually the mass participation of traders in certain actions, usually in trading, for a monetary reward. Sometimes it can be like an invitation to subscribe to twitter and share a post about the challenge. Often held by popular crypto exchanges, usually, by BINANCE, to attract new users and encourage active current customers.

What is the use of such challenges? The main advantage of participating in crypto competitions is the opportunity to win a cash prize. They are also useful in terms of profitable trading with less than usual commission. And the third, important advantage, is the probability of catching a powerful movement in UP or DOWN (LONG and SHORT) of a particular token.

Here, for example, I show in the video the Binance news about the competition with the MATIC coin. And this is how the news looks on the site itself. $ 50,000 is being raffled, with the probability of winning $ 12,000 for the 1st winner in the MATIC crypto; 8,000 for the second winner and 5,000 for the third winner. Here you can read the terms of this challenge and how to take part in it.

The benefits of participating in crypto competitions

Crypto Competitions of Binance and 3commas

Another example is the DATA trading competition. The total prize here is 3,000,000 in DATA coins. All users with a trading volume of 150,000 DATA or more during the challenge period will have a total pool of 3,000,000 DATA tokens, depending on the proportion of the total DATA trade volume of each user.

A third example would be a WTC trading competition. The total prize here is raffled for $ 85,000 in WTC coins. Here, by the way, I want to mention that in each competition Binance, the date of its holding is indicated. There is also a 10% percent discount for new BINANCE users who are registered from the beginning of the promotion.

How to find out about Binance competitions? I advise you to subscribe to the Binance telegram channel, Twitter, or Facebook. On the main page of the site, scroll to the bottom. Here you need to find for the “Communities” field, where you should select the preferred source for news. By the way, if you register using my link, you will get a special discount for trading cryptocurrency.

3commas competitions

Crypto Competitions of Binance and 3commas

3COMMAS offers not only convenient tools for digital money trading (Smart Terminal and Bots). This site is also with other crypto exchanges together, open interesting challenges. Here’s is an example, how one of the last hold competitions, together with Bybit and BINANCE. The meaning of the challenges was active trading, using bots of 3commas.

Sometimes at 3commas competitions are held using a demo account (paper trading). That is, all interested users can take part and trade unreal money but get a real prize. To keep abreast of challenges, you need to buy any of the 3commas subscriptions, for example, “Starter”.

Further, subscribe to a telegram channel, Twitter, or Facebook 3COMMAS to be in the know about all the updates. Before taking part in competitions for money, it is better to train in advance and learn how to trade cryptocurrency on a demo account. But I want to warn you that such competitions happened not often, and the conditions may change.

Various challenges, this is only an additional bonus and incentive to participate in the crypto trade. I do not recommend focusing on this as basic earnings. But as an additional opportunity to sometimes have fun and earn extra money – yes, this is interesting. Also, other exchanges and sites with bots, for example, KUCOIN and CRYPTORG, similarly offer competitions and promotions.


Our video is drawing to a close. In this video, I just told you about the competitions at the BINANCE and 3COMMAS. I wish you successful trading and profit. After all, it is precisely at Binance that such competitions take place the most when compared with other crypto exchanges. And 3commas, as a useful tool, will increase your chances of success.

Соревнования на бирже Бинанс и 3коммас
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