Crypto trading software and websites

Hello traders. Today our topic is cryptocurrency trading software and websites. This includes programs for both Windows Microsoft and Mac Apple, as well as useful sites that run on any operating system. I will explain everything step by step and the information will be below. Let’s start friends!

Windows programs for crypto trading

soft for crypto trading

The main programs useful for cryptocurrency traders are text editors and spreadsheet editors. For example, software for Windows is Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. They are convenient for making trading reports and updating a trading strategy for crypto. About the browsers, so Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge are good options.

Notes programs are also useful for keeping records of trading. The most popular is Evernote, where there are also have options make to brainstorm and brain map. Another important software for storing passwords, for example, 1 Password. It is expensive and requires a permanent subscription, but it is safer to store passwords in it than in simple notes or in a text file on a PC.

And another group of programs is useful for interacting with the cryptocurrency charts, for example, for creating screenshots on the charts. You can use the standard Windows combination (Windows + Print Screen button) or special programs, which are many on the Internet. There is also software for the automatic creation of chart patterns and support/resistance levels.

MacOS crypto trading software

Some programs are available for both Windows and MacOS, but it is still more convenient to use the native MacOS applications for crypto trading. For text editors, I recommend using Pages or Google.  From spreadsheet editors, again Apple or Google spreadsheet. This software is necessary for a convenient trader’s diary and reports.

From notes, the same can use Evernote, which is for the MacOS version the same as for Windows. The same applies to the program for storing passwords 1 Password, but there are other interesting options for Apple devices, including free ones. It is convenient to take screenshots of crypto charts from MacOS itself, you can use the shift + command + 3 key combination.

Cryptocurrency trading sites

Crypto trading software and websites

In addition to software, a trader should use useful sites for productive cryptocurrency trading. The list of sites is as follows:

1. Coinmarketcap site for an overview of all existing cryptocurrencies.

2. Tradingview website for high-quality technical analysis, use of indicators, and notifications.

3. Site 3commas for convenient manual and automatic trading

4. Bitkub site for cryptocurrency exchange in Thailand

5. Binance website for global cryptocurrency trading.

6. Diaro’s online diary, for me is better than Evernote.

7. Site cryptotaxes for paying taxes in trading.


In the conclusion of our topic, software, and sites for trading cryptocurrency, I want to mention another interesting and useful program, both for Windows and MacOS. This is the Atas trading terminal. Full information can be found on the Atas website and the Atas review on the corresponding page of This program will help you to trade better and more efficiently. That’s all until new videos.

soft for crypto trading
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