Cryptocurrency trading equipment

Hello crypto traders. In this video, I want to talk about equipment and devices for trading cryptocurrency. Like, about personal computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, which, in my opinion, are better suited for trading. I will share my experience and what exactly I use for trading. Let’s go.

Crypto trading from a PC or laptop

Cryptocurrency Trading Equipment1

For trading cryptocurrency, the same equipment is used for trading stocks or forex. There are two options – a personal computer or laptop. I personally use and advise others to work with a PC. Why? The fact is that for effective trading it is important to see as much detail as possible on the monitor screen – charts and prices, to be focused and in a comfortable environment.

On a small laptop screen, in a noisy place like a cafe, and even more so being on a hot beach under a palm tree (as some people show in MLM advertisements) is not comfortable for a good trade. Therefore, it is better to use a personal computer with one or two large monitors. Personally, I use 2 monitors of 27 inches each – it’s more convenient for me.

On one monitor screen, I have open price charts for several cryptocurrency pairs – Bitcoin to the dollar and alts to the dollar. Usually at least 5-7 charts for the whole screen. Or are open charts of one crypto pair, but with different timeframes – H1, H4, 1D, 1M. On the second screen is open, the working terminal of the Binance exchange and 3commas for productive trading

Crypto trading from smartphones or tablets

Cryptocurrency trading equipment

I only do serious trading at home or try to come back home for this purpose. However, often news or buy/sell signals coming when a trader is on the outside of the home, traveling or elsewhere. In this case, most people use a laptop and it pays for itself. After all, you can’t take a PC with you!

However, I still don’t use a laptop. First, it takes up a lot of bag space, no matter how thin it is. Secondly, using a laptop on the go is not very convenient. Thirdly, the battery life of the laptop is short, and it takes a long time to charge. For these reasons, I only use smartphones to read crypto news, track prices, close or open deals.

I have 2 smartphones and each is 6.7 inches. They can be operated in the rain, used with one hand, and help me to track the market on the go. Android or Apple smartphones – there is not much difference. But at least one of the two smartphones must still with Android because for this OS applications are better convenient for trading when some restrictions are often encountered for iOS.

In some cases, I use a 12.9-inch Apple iPad Pro tablet. Usually, it acts as a third screen in my workspace at home. But if the electricity is turned off at home or I go on long trips and without the ability to use a PC, then I take the iPad Pro with me.


In this video, I told you about trading cryptocurrency by using a PC, laptop, tablet, and smartphone and what is more important for the effective work of a trader. Of the equipment for trading, we can also mention cold wallets for storing crypto, but this is more suitable for investors than for traders. This video comes to the end and see you in new content on  

Cryptocurrency Trading Equipment
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