Cryptorg Bot Reconfiguring

I already showed you about how to change one cryptocurrency pair in the bot settings to another, in one of my past videos. But in this video, I want to show you how to do it again in detail, because besides changing a trading pair, you may also need to make some other settings to the bot so that it can start working.

Changing in settings of Cryptorg bots

Cryptorg Bot Reconfiguring

Let’s set it up now. On the CRYPTORG site, we’ll go to our bots by clicking: “My bots.” To enter the settings, we need to click here on this icon. Now, we need to change our pair of BTC-BNB, to Ethereum—right here, we’ll type in ‘ETH’ and look for the right coin. For example, let me choose a pair of ETH-TRX and the next thing we’ll do is we’ll see that the settings is set on Bitcoin, 0.001. And we know that the deal should be made at least by some minimum lot.

If we click “Save” now, then, you see, we will have an error. So, we should remove one zero right here in the Ethereum pairs, but for the Bitcoin pair, we’ll need to add a zero. But once we remove it for the Ethereum pair, the value will be at 0.01. And the same thing applies here. If you have more than $ 1000 on your deposit, you just apply a percentage of the deposit—1%. Do you see it? So, I am back at a fixed value and a value of 0.01 for Ethereum.

You shouldn’t change anything else. There should be a martingale and the Bollinger signal should be left ON. Click “Save”, then click “Turn on”—that is all, our bot will then begin to work in this pair. And the whole system is being configured to suit, everything is quite simple and there should be no problems. The only thing that I recommend is to purchase a paid account on CRYPTORG and to gradually buy more cryptocurrencies. Let your Bitcoin amount grow bigger, the same applies to your Ethereum too, and you can use more bots and trading pairs for trading. 


That’s all.

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