Cryptorg bots and exchange 2021

Hello crypto traders. Today I prepared a new video about the CRYPTORG. For a long time on was no video about this platform and bots, and over 1.5 years the service has changed and improved significantly. And all the changes are only for the better. For example, bots have new features, and the company launched its own crypto exchange. I will tell you details step by step.

Cryptorg bots – what’s new in 2021?

Cryptorg bots and exchange 2021

CRYPTORG trading bots get an update in 2021 and a major one. Firstly, it is a completely modern interface, which has become clearer and more convenient. Secondly, there are more new signals with deep settings. For example, Bollinger signals. Thirdly, Cryptorg now supports more exchanges for trading, including its own exchange.

From other exchanges, except for BINANCE and Kucoin, there were also Bitmex and Bitfinex, with leverage. Fourth, more charts and other analytical documents became available. Fifth, full deal statistics are offered. Sixth, own cryptocurrency of Cryptorg – CTG, which you earn while trading.

The more trades you make, the more bonus digital money you will get. And with these tokens CTG you may pay for your subscription of the site. In general, to summarize, using Cryptorg has become more convenient, better, and more interesting. And the prices for the subscription, while remaining the same. For example, prices start at $ 15 per month.

Crypto Exchange Cryptorg


At the end of 2019 year, the crypto exchange CRYPTORG opened. On it, unlike other exchanges, you can use crypto trading bots absolutely free. Plus, using the Cryptorg exchange, you pay less commission and get useful bonuses. Of the disadvantage, it is a small trading volume, so I still recommend using Cryptorg bots for Binance or Kucoin.

But using the Cryptorg exchange, you earn a larger percentage of CTG tokens. There is the possibility of mining these digital coins on the site, which thereby allows you to further increase your income. There is a system of incentives and bonuses in case of earning over 100,000 CTG coins – Cryptorg will give you additional money.

GTX tokens are used to pay for services and fees on some other exchanges, for example, BINANCE, Kucoin, Huobi, and others. And here there is a “Marketplace” of Cryptorg where various services are bought. Such as tickets to some Blockchain events, discount coupons for paying for Cryptorg services, codes for crediting bonus money for trading on some other exchanges.


In this video, I made a new review of the CRYPTORG exchange and bots in 2021 year. You learned what new has appeared on this platform and what other functions the Cryptorg bots now have. The cost of a paid subscription and trial mode for 7 days remained as before. My video is complete and see you soon.

Cryptorg bots - what's new in 2020 year_
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