Cryptorg: how to get more income in 24 hours

Hello to you, dear friends. I’m making this video, because I have already experienced good results via  CRYPTORG, and I want to share them with you. If there are any of you who are not mature enough to use this system and to make good profits passively, I hope that this video will inspire you to take that first step.

Statistics on Cryptorg

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Now I’ll just log into my CRYPTORG account, and go to the section “My bots”. From here, I will show you some interesting things, that I want to share with you. What do I use? If you look closely, currently, I have 5 bots that are ON on Binance, and 1 of them is working right now. There are not so many closed deals within these last 24 hours, because I’ve reset them for today. But either way, I make quite a bit of profit, because I always choose good pairs. I’m going to click the section “Deals”. Now you can see these deals and that they are closing quickly.  This shows that there’s a good turnover for income. With this, you can make about $2-$3 per day—plus or minus a bit, because deals can continue onto the next day.

Look at what I am doing to achieve this. My deposit is $450 on Binance, and therefore it’s a good result. Well, it was. Now it’s bigger. First, I go to the section “Statistics”, choose the stock Binance. Currently, there are two to choose from BINANCE and Bittrex, but I will choose the first one. By the way, here you can look at all the active bots. If there are a lot of people trading with these bots, then this can have an impact on this too. Here, you can see all the successful deals in the period of a week, in total and etc.

Binance has a lot of deals, it has more deals then on other sites, this is very clear. It shows the most popular and profitable deals for the day. Here is an average percentage of its profitability, as I understand it to be. These are the deals, these are the bots. It’s better to choose those with more deals and less bots, BTC-QKC is a good example of this—665 deals and 64 bots, this means that deals will be completed quickly, and the profits will grow several times in a day. This is a good proportion, and this is too. Look at it and analyze it by yourself.

So, what do I do next? I look at this 3-hour period because it’s closer to reality—the time goes fast. We need to click on the blue button here. Then going off of these 3 hours, I’ll look at the crypto coins which have been here from the last 24 hours before these 3 hours. So, it is mean that it is in my best interests to have these trading pairs—BTC-QKC, as well as the next going pairs BTC-BCHSV, ETH-QKC, BTC-ETC, and BTC-ADA. The list of cryptocurrencies on the page “Statistics” shows those within a period of 3 hours, which is different from those in the period of 24 hours. For example, the pair BTC-QKC has some good results and it would be a good idea to choose it—138 deals and 40 active bots within the last 3 hours.

Markets on Cryptorg  

Cryptorg: how to get more income in 24 hours

That’s not at all. Afterward, I will write it down and I will remember to go back and check on it. So, we shall go to the section titled “Markets” and we’ll look at BINANCE. From here, we’re looking for good deals—which will be shown in green. It is also important to look at the deals that have a high percentage. Although, it worked with me. If the dealer has a higher percentage, that means that it is more likely that your deposit will grow more. This is because your deposit will grow due to the original pair, as well as the growth of the trading pair. These red trading pairs, showing a negative percentage, can be stopped for a while, but the green trading pairs with a positive percentage will continue to grow. By the way, bots will trade all pairs with the intention of giving you profits, but those pairs will trade much better. If you just want your deals to be completed faster, you should choose the green pairs. And don’t forget to look at the pairs which have a bigger percentage. It is best to choose those pairs and just begin trading with them.

I will show you some examples. Take a look at the pair BTC-QKC from the previous page —”Statistics”—and on another page in the section, “Market”, looking for this pair and keep an eye on it. Well, this pair has a green color and has a positive percent of 10.89 %. This pair is definitely a great choice for trading. After that, go to check the other pair—BTC-BCHSV, look for it here and you’ll see that it is also green and it has a very good percentage, it is 18.17 % more positive compared to the previous pair. Of course, this pair is one that we should use too. So, now we need to find information for the pair ETH-QKC, same as before, we have to look and check that it is good—it has to be green and it must have a positive percentage. Next, look for BTC-ETC, we can see that is green but it only has a small profitable percentage—we can still use this. And our last crypto trading pair is BTC-ADA—and here we can see that is red in color and that is also has a negative percentage of -7.54%. It is definitely better NOT to use this pair.

Now, I would like to show you how to check to see your bot’s profits. We going to the section “Deals” again, to see how much my bots are making. My cryptocurrency pairs are different from that, because I have not updated it yet, but normally it is better to update it for new and good pairs. But anyway, these pairs give me some profit. Here, for example, I have this pair—BTC-BCH which brought in 0.00004400 BTC for me on 25 November 2018, and below, you can see some other deals where this bot has made me some profit. Like, 0.00002095 BTC, ~ 0.00002095 BTC and~ 0.00002094 BTC on 25 November, and ~ 0.00004401 BTC on 23 November. Step by step, a little bit by a little bit, this bot with the pair—BTC-BCH brings me stability with some incoming profits. If you take care of your bots, keep analyzing and checking it, selecting the best trading pairs for it and update it often, place more deposits and create more bots, your profit will keep on increasing. And here you can see that the deals are complete—because of the green button that says “Complete”.

Strategy for Cryptorg 

Cryptorg: how to get more income in 24 hours

So, firstly what we should do is look and use the statistics from the section “Statistics”, secondly, we’re going to check the information in the “Markets” section, and see which pairs have the potential of growing and becoming profitable. Thirdly, you should analyze the section “Deals” in order to understand what you’ve earned. Also, if I see that my coins have been stationary for too long, I count my profits and if it’s not as profitable as selling it, I’ll cancel the deal. Let me show you an example of this. First, we go to the site BINANCE, and we’ll click on the section “Balances”. Here, we’ll see a list of cryptocurrencies. Choose coin ONT, and go to the field “Trade”, then choose the pair—ONT-BTC.  I will not cancel anything now, but I’ll just count it. Well, let’s say, here is the price at which it is exposed—0.00010362, and now here it is trading at 0.0002208, the second price is bigger than the first. Well, this is a big difference. These coins are bought for a short time. If I look at the fact that there will be a small deposit here, very little resulting profit, and that the deal will end up lasting for longer than a day, then I will cancel it. You can do this by clicking on the button “Cancel”.

You do not have to sell this coin, just cancel the deal, and it will automatically go into a new deal. And the remainder that you have left before, the bot takes it to use it in a new deal… it happened to me before, I just got it and sold it at almost the same price. Exhibit this crypto money separately, and it will get sold very quickly. At least there were no errors. It is not necessary, but if you need it to be sold, then you can do this. Just we quickly distill money from one coin to another coin. If talk short our target – we choose and keep only that crypto, deals of which going quickly.

Success on Cryptorg 

I hope that my video was useful about CRYPTORG . And my advice is: use the tools that you saw, which going to you in life because, in this world, nothing happens just at once. Our reality of the modern world shows that you will not be rich with a job, it is absolutely certain, I can tell you. You just need to build up your additional sources of incoming and make some business. Real or online business with crypto, for example, to untie your hands so that you can breathe a sigh of relief and devote more time to yourself, your family, your children, your dreams. To reach your goals, increase self-esteem, and so on. When we get those goals, which we planned before when we do it quickly and positively, our self-esteem rises, and we do not need to go take any courses. Although one does not interfere with one another, this kind of automatic happened, in a positive wave. Therefore, always go with the action, do not sit, do not wait.

Now time forgives procrastination. That is, you need to take and quickly do a profit, especially since here, where you can start at $ 100. Although this is a very small deposit, you can start with $ 100. For example, if you have 3 bots connected to the BINANCE exchange, it is little transactions and a small profit, but anyways is working with a deposit of $100. I hope my video was useful. I’ll do share my observations, my practice experience. It’ll be my practical experience, which I get for the last months of using this service. Just try to make your reality better and make your small some online business same me. I hope my videos can help you and we will grow together.


Bye-bye, have good luck! Let’s do it!

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