CRYPTORG – smart set up with 1 bot for Trial account

The theme of today’s video — setting up  CRYPTORG with 1 trading pair (with 1 bot) on a “Trial” account membership for 15 dollars per month. By the way, during this account’s first 2 weeks, you can use it absolutely free and you even have the opportunity to make some money to pay the tariff for a “Starter” account—30 dollars per month. This means that you can start using this service free for the first 2 weeks and perhaps use it for free for the next month too. Sounds interesting? There’s more information about it all, further on…

Changing crypto pair bots on Cryptorg

CRYPTORG - smart set up with 1 bot for Trial account

So,  you are interested in this service, CRYPTORG, but you are not ready to pay for it and would like to try the “Trial” membership, yes? It is possible. After registering on this service, and connecting with a crypto stock —BINANCE (I recommend that you start with this stock), and transferring cryptocurrency to your BINANCE account, you can start working and using CRYPTORG for 2 weeks free. To do all of that—register on CRYPTORG, connect to BINANCE and transfer crypto there. I’ve talked about this in my previous videos and you must watch it. So let’s check the settings, we should do with begin the tariff “Trial”, which gives you the opportunity to use just only 1 bot.

So I recommend that you start working from 2 crypto trading pairs—BTC-TUSD and BTC-WAN. On the tariff “Trial” you can create only 1 bot, so you should choose which trading pair you want—BTC-TUSD or BTC-WAN. These two trading pairs are both good and you can even test out each one to see which one you like best.How can you change your trading pair? You’ll need to go to the section “My bots”, then look for your current trading pair and on the right side of it, you’ll see this bottom of settings press it. Now, in my bot set up it is already BTC-WAN. But here you can choose another pair—from BTC-WAN, you can change it to BTC-TUSD. Next, choose a strategy in the field “Strategy”—”Long”. Take Profit—put 1%.

Next step—”Type of volume of the first order”, we should choose “Fixed Value”. And below you should write the number of fixed values here—0.00100000. Because any situation can occur, for example, the bot may open too many safety orders but your deposit may not be enough to cover it, to avoid this, you’d better keep some money on your deposit for safety orders. This is recommended using the fixed value here of 0.00100000. So that the bot can safely make 10 safety orders—this is important! We should switch ‘ON’ to the option of “Martingale”. And here I changed and put in 100 for the “Max count of safety order” and placed 10 for “Count of real-time safety orders”. And I turned off all filters—without filters the bot will open deals more often, so you can increase your income money. Now, we’re done and we can press on the “Save” button.

So, you can change these trading pairs at any time, look at the statistics, and choose the pairs that you like. This next bit is important! It is necessary that after you’ve changed trading pairs through the settings of the bot, you should go back to CRYPTORG again. Let’s look for and click on the section “Deals”. Let’s say you traded BTC-TUSD before, but changed it to BTC-WAN after, meaning that you now have TUSD, which needs to be exchanged back to Bitcoin. (You need to change it back to Bitcoin so that you can pair it with WAN) Unfortunately, if you’re in this situation, you’ll need to do this by yourself, the bot won’t be able to do it for you. So, after changing the pair in your settings, you should go and make some more changes to the other settings.

Canceling orders on Cryptorg

CRYPTORG - smart set up with 1 bot for Trial account

Deals sometimes need to be canceled. Why? The prices on the market change often and you need to look out for it if you won’t make more money with CRYPTORG. For example, you’ll need to cancel the deals, when the bot’s next safety order is unable to open, so it is important to cancel deals at the best moment so that you do not lose any money. I also cancel deals if the bot takes a long time to open and keep orders, or if the crypto coin goes in another direction. For example, if it should be going up, but it is going down. Or I’ll cancel the deal so that I do not have to wait for a long time because the bot will open new orders and keep trading. But sometimes the bot cannot open enough safety orders.

And for this reason, you should close the deal and change the settings of the bot, trading it for a lesser amount of money. This is very important! The bot should have the opportunity to open at least 10 safety orders. Anything can happen on the market, for example, cryptocurrency can go down by a lot, so you’ll need to have enough safety orders. Also, I would like to show you one more thing. Here in the section of “My bots”, when you open settings of any of your bots, in our case it is this trading pair—BTC-WAN. So here, on the right side of the screen, when deals are open (now my deals are closed, so you cannot see them)—here you can find the information about your orders, which bots are complete.

And below, you can see information about safety orders, which are a little bit bigger. Depending on whether the price rises or falls, the robot will open safety orders accordingly. When you have more money in your balance on crypto exchange stocks, like BINANCE or KUCOIN, then your bot can open more safety orders. And if the price goes up in your direction, the bot will quickly close your order, while you are profiting. Because your bot has opened enough safety orders and takes profit quickly. It is a very nice and smart way to do things, which uses CRYPTORG and I really love it, and it is very simple. And 1 more important thing to remember, do not to use any filters.

Charts and statistics on Cryptorg 

CRYPTORG - smart set up with 1 bot for Trial account

Let’s look at the charts in this service. Go to the menu of CRYPTORG and open the section “Charts”, and click on crypto stock, which is connected to your bot, for example, BINANCE. After that, choose your trading pair—in our case, it is BTC-WAN and opens the windows with the chart for this pair. Here you can change the time-frame of the chart—1 minute, 30 minutes, 1 hour, or more hours, like, 4 hours, 1 day, 1 week and etc.  Also, here there are some tools for working with a chart, like brush for drawing something on a chart, putting in text and notes as well as measuring. This can maybe help you with analyzing the chart. By the way—here, you can look at the market and see where the price is going in the current moment.

And when it reaches a good moment, you can cancel the deal, if the price drops for you or if it is stagnant. Or you can freeze and unfreeze the deal later. In this section, you can do a whole lot of analyzing and thinking and planning your strategy with CRYPTORG. This means, when you need to analyze the working bot, you should go to the section “Charts” of your current trading pair, look at it and check the current situation of the market. Then make the right decision. And if necessary, maybe stop the bot. To do this, you will have to go to the section “Deals”, choose your trading pair, and cancel the deal.

It is very simple. Of course, if you do not want to do all of these things,  you can just open an account on CRYPTORG and choose any good trading pair, and a bot from  CRYPTORG will make money for you for sure—from 5% per month at least, all automatic and without you having to do anything. But if you want to make more money, you should learn and understand how this service works. If you trade by yourself, it is possible to get some profit, but you’ll make more money if the bot trades for you. However, if you trade by working together with the bot, you’ll get the best result!

You can try to do the same as me, and you should get the same result as me. Because sometimes you’ll need to stop and cancel some of the deals. So, you should understand how this system works. And you’ll also need to check the section “Statistics” sometimes. It’ll inform you of which cryptocurrency is better for trading at this moment and you can choose. You can decide for yourself which crypto you believe is good or not. Some coins are good, some aren’t so much. Here you can see—how many deals are open.

I think it is better to choose crypto from 1 to 10 positions because those will give the best results—here, put 0.95 in the trading pair of BTC-BCHSV. If the results with BTC-WAN are not to your liking, you can go to the settings of your bot and change the pair, test it and check later the new work of your new bot. Or if you choose the payment tariff “Starter” for 30 dollars per month, you will have the opportunity to create many bots, like 30 trading pairs and then you can choose the best and increase your income money much more.


Here we’re done. Good luck with trading!

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