DCA bots of 3commas

Good day, cryptocurrency traders. In this new video of the 3COMMAS service, I will explain to you about DCA bots. What is it, what the advantages and how to use, you will learn from this video. 3commas is constantly updated, so new and interesting features appear that allow you to trade crypto more efficiently and more profitably. Let’s go!

DCA bots review

dca bots 3commas

DCA bots are the original type of bots that previously existed in 3COMMAS. That is, initially there were just bots, then developers added Gordon bots, and then they made and added “Grid bots”. The name DCA was created just to separate bots by name. DCA from the abbreviated phrase – the average cost of the dollar.

Therefore, in this content, I will explain about Gordon bots, because it is the main innovation for old bots that previously existed in 3COMMAS. Now in the “Bots – My Bots” section, if you click on the “Create Bot” button, 2 sections will be available to you. New, this is the “Gordon” section, and old this the “Advanced” section.

The “Advanced” is an old way to create and configure bots yourself, as it was before. There is nothing new here and if you are interested in how everything is configured, then watch the video “Configuring the bot in 3commas”. But the “Gordon” section is already more interesting. It offers the ability to quickly create and run the bot in 1 one click.

DCA bots advantages   

DCA bots of 3commas

There are three available strategy options to choose from. The first is the “Conservative Strategy” (safe and slow), the bot is waiting for the best time to open a new deal. The second is “Moderate strategy”, in which the robot works in a medium aggressive mode. And the third is “Aggressive strategy”, the bot works in aggressive mode and often open deals for scalping and quick profit.

Therefore, if you wish to make money with lower risk and are ready to wait for a long time (transactions may not open many days or even weeks), then your choice is “Conservative Strategy”. If you are looking for fast profit and are ready to bear high risks, then it is worth stopping at “Aggressive Strategy”. The advantage of Gordon bots is their quick setup and run immediately.

Before creating a bot, here you should select your crypto exchange, for example, BINANCE or BitMEX. Next, select the crypto coins to which you want to trade and grow. It can be USDT, BTC, BNB, ETH, and others. And in the last column, you can see the amount of money that you are ready to give to the bot for trading. It can be set manually or as a percentage from 10 to 100%.

DCA bots – how to use?

DCA bots of 3commas

Now, click on the “Create Bot” button. To show you the difference between all three strategies, I opened them in three windows on my working monitor screen. The first settings for all bots are the same. This is the number of crypto pairs – all pairs are fully taken to your main digital coin. In all strategies, the position is “Long.” “Target profit” is also everywhere 2%.

But the section “Deal start condition” is different in all three strategies. For “Conservative” it is “QFL (Long signals only), Position Trader, 3”. For “Moderate” there will be “QFL (Long signals only), day trading, 3”. And in the case of “Aggressive”, this is “QFL (only Long signals), Original, 3”.

And the second section, which is different for all bots, is “Trading 24h minimal volume.” In the first strategy, it is 500 number, in the second 100 and the third 1. And other settings are completely identical. Yes, by the way, an important point! After a while you clicked on the button to create a bot, it automatically turned on itself! Here it is written on the right side of the screen that “Bot is turned on”.

On the left side of the window, you can turn off, edit the bot, copy settings, export deals to an excel file, share with friends, make a secret link, or delete. And one more important thing – you cannot change something in the Gordon bots yourself! If you want to make changes, then go to the “Advanced” bots, and configure the bot to your liking.


In this video, we had a review of DCA bots from 3COMMAS. You have learned their advantages, how to use them, and how to make money on crypto with their help. But that’s not all. In the 2019 year, 3commas has released a new type of bots “Grid bots”! Their review and how to use, you can see in the appropriate video. That’s all and be in touch!

DCA bots 3commas - what is it_
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