Debit Card, Crypto Loans and Smart Chain in Binance

Hello, friends. The topic of today’s video is Debit Card, Crypto Loans, and Smart Chain on BINANCE. I will tell you in detail what a debit card Binance is, why it is needed, and how to use it. I will also do a review of crypto loans, and explain why they are needed. And a few words will be about Smart Chain Binance and its future prospects.  

Debit Card Binance

Debit Card, Crypto Loans and Smart Chain in Binance

At the beginning of 2020, the crypto exchange Binance introduced its Visa debit card, which can be replenished and paid crypto around the world. The meaning of this debit card is to make it easier to pay for services and goods with digital money. Thus, Binance wants to spread the influence of cryptocurrencies all over the world. Order price this card about 15 USDT.

This card is connected to an account in Binance, and not to the bank. The main advantage of this card is that you do not need to go through the unprofitable and slow process of selling crypto on the exchange site and transferring it to fiat. You can use BINANCE card like any other debit card. It already has in Malaysia, then it will become available in Vietnam, and then around the world.

If you want to order a Binance debit card, go to the main page. In the “Finance” category, select the “Debit Card”. Select your country of residence, enter your e-mail and click on the “Register” button. You will receive a notification by email when the debit card Binance becomes available in your country and support will tell you how to get it.

Crypto Loans Binance

Debit Card, Crypto Loans and Smart Chain in Binance

Crypto Loans Binance is an easy and quick way to get the loan money for investment or for your own use and withdrawal of money. Here you will be given a loan like in a normal bank. That is, you pledge, for example, your Bitcoin, as a guarantee of repayment of the debt. And get in return an amount in USDT, which you can withdraw or invest in another crypto.

In Crypto Loans BINANCE, only USDT and BUSD are currently available for loan. At the same time, the exchange controls the risks and tries to make the loan process more convenient, and the borrowed digital money can be immediately withdrawn. To begin the process, the borrower creates a request, transfers the asset for securing the borrower to the Binance website, then the borrower gets a loan.

As soon as the interest and the loan are repaid, the crypto asset will be back to the borrower. Let’s show you a good example. On the Binance main page, in the “Finance” category, select the “Crypto Loans” page. Here you will see a loan field. In the first line, “I want to borrow”, you can choose USDT or BUSD. The second line is “Collateral Amount”.

Smart Chain Dex Binance

Debit Card, Crypto Loans and Smart Chain in Binance

You should choose the crypto that you want to give for the guarantee. The percentage and loan term from 7 to 90 days are indicated below. The longer the loan term, the higher the percentage. For example, you need to borrow 10,000 USDT to buy a motorcycle for 3 months, this is 1.64 BTC at the current rate. The total interest amount is 279 USDT. Then it remains to click on the “Start Borrowing” button.

Next, I will explain about Smart Chain DEX BINANCE. This platform is created to combat cryptocurrency fraud. Cryptocurrency exchange transactions are at the heart of the first application, which is built on Binance Chain, a decentralized exchange. As a rule, a new blockchain was created to launch DEX.

It has the ability to handle the number of operations, and this can be compared with the centralized Binance site. Regarding private keys in DEX Binance, they are located on the side of traders, and this makes it possible to create a peer-to-peer network for transactions without the use of intermediaries.

Many serious developers have already announced support for Binance DEX, for example, the company Ledger, which is a developer of “cold wallets”. And this is a new level of security. In general, this platform is intended more for the security of users, and for developers who create programs based on blockchain and cryptocurrency.


In this video, I was told you about the Debit Card, Crypto Loans, and Smart Chain BINANCE. Moreover, the last one will raise in you more questions, that’s for sure. For ordinary users, I see no reason to use Smart Chain, but in the future, everything may change. My video is going to an end. See you in my next videos.

Debit card, loans and chain Binance_ru
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