Free and paid signals 3commas

Hello to all cryptocurrency traders. Today again I will talk about the 3COMMAS and one of the most unique functions of this service. So, it is a large number of crypto signals that allow you to make your crypto trade safer and more profitable. I will tell you about the most popular signals and how they differ. Let’s get started!

What is it crypto signals?

Free and paid singnals 3commas

Cryptocurrency signals are tips about when to open or close a deal, depending on the market situation, the value of the crypto, and the time interval. I tell a simple, the signals to help open and close the deal with the advice of other people. Crypto signals are provided by specialized companies and professional crypto traders.

Signals are divided into paid and free. Usually provided through written messages, in private messenger groups (usually Telegram) or forums. Also, some and more accurate signals are offered as services that connect to the cryptocurrency bot and allow you to receive and use them automatically.

Such signals allow new traders to begin to understand the market faster. However, there are many nuances. First, not all crypto signals are useful, as some of them can be given by non-professionals. The second – even good and high-quality signals, cannot guarantee you a successful 100% deal, as professionals also make mistakes.

So what we should do? Use only trusted and high-quality signals, in compliance with money management and risk. That is, do not put all your money in one deal, relying only just on crypto signals. The 3COMMAS service offers paid and free signals, which are filtered and trusted, thereby reducing your risks.

Free cryptocurrency signals

Free and paid signals 3commas

High-quality signals can be connected to 3COMMAS directly on the website of developers, which is very comfortable. All crypto signals in 3commas you can find in the “Marketplace” section. The topmost window is the filters that help you sort the signals with the characteristics we need. The first field is the exchange, for example, you can choose here signals for BINANCE or Kucoin.

If you leave the field empty, we will see signals for all exchanges. The second field is “Free/Paid” (paid and free signals). What is the difference between free and paid crypto signals for 3commas? As a rule, most of the free signals are issued as part of discounts and they are temporarily free to attract new customers.

At 3сommas it is often possible to see when paid signals become for 1 month free or when free signals become paid. The third field is “Scope”, where the signals are filtered by “New”, which recently released at 3commas. “Sale”, that is, sale at lower prices or for a while is free. “Featured”, which means recommended signals.

And the last, fourth field – “Sort by”, will generate signals by “Most subscribed” (by popularity), “Name” (by name), and “Newest” (by novelty). Currently, at 3COMMAS there are a total of 55 paid, and free crypto signals. What signals for trading in the cryptocurrency market are better to use on this service?

Paid cryptocurrency signals

Free and paid signals 3commas

Now I will tell you how to choose paid or discounted crypto signals. The first criterion is to filter signals for your exchange. If you are trading for BINANCE, then here, select the BINANCE exchange and get signals for it. The second criterion, in the “Free/Paid” field, select the value to “All”. The third criterion, select the signals for your cryptocurrency pair.

Some signals trade only for BTC_ETH, others signal trade every pair, and some only exotic pairs, like EOS_EOSUSD. For example, I am looking for crypto signals for the pair BTC_USDT. I go into some signals and see which pairs are supported and traded there. The fourth criterion is statistics, and this is the most important point by which one can judge the success of signals.

For example, I choose the “Crypto Hunters” signal. At the moment, it has the most positive statistics. I can judge this by the number of successfully completed transactions – they are indicated in green color. The profit is small because Take Profit is small too, so this signal is better for scalping. But I want to note that the signal statistics are constantly changing.

An important factor is affecting the price of crypto signals and their popularity. This is a feature not only to open a deal in good time but also to close the deal by Stop Loss or Take Profit in the best moment. But anyway, I would like to warn you again. Any signals don’t guarantee you 100% success of trades. It is important to follow money management and turn off bots and signals if the market situation not good.


In this video, we had a review of free and paid crypto signals in 3COMMAS. Now you know their features and which can be used and which are not. It all depends on your strategy. But the way, in 3commas you can connect any other signals and don’ts matter if that is not in the service. Or you can create crypto signals yourself, but this is a topic for the next videos. That’s all.

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