Free Bitcoin and cryptocurrency bot

If you are looking for a free bot—for trading cryptocurrency with—and Bitcoin to start with a minimum investment, there is such an opportunity! 3commas bots can now be used absolutely free and without any obligations! At the moment, there is an opportunity for people who previously didn’t know about free cryptocurrency bots.

Install crypto bot for free

Free crypto and bitcoin bot 3commas for Huobi

3commas offers its service for free, with all the functions of Smart Trade and Simple and Composite bots. All the same things apply, if you’d like to choose the PRO subscription for $ 80 USD per month, but now—even without that—you can use it officially, completely free of charge! What is the reason? There is one condition that comes with the free 3Commas bots.

3commas bots are free only on the Huobi crypto exchange site. The fact is that 3commas and Huobi entered into a partnership agreement, according to which all users of Huobi have the opportunity to use cryptocurrency bots for free. How long will this offer last? Unfortunately, no one knows. It’ll continue until one of the companies terminates the contract.

Hurry up and use 3commas for free! To do this, register via the links in the description under the video. Visit:

For Huobi, visit:

Free crypto and bitcoin bot 3commas for Huobi

Next, connect the Huobi exchange site to 3commas, read the terms of use for both services, and send a request to the 3commas support service so that they activate a free subscription for you.

Why 3Commas is free for Huobi?

Free crypto and bitcoin bot 3commas for Huobi

Honestly, I don’t know why. I can only guess. Huobi is now becoming a popular cryptocurrency exchange option, and more and more users are beginning to pay close attention to it. But Huobi has a strong competitor—Binance, which is used by many more people, and there’s a larger volume of trading and transactions happening on it every day.

To get attention and to attract more new users, as well as users who are using other cryptocurrency exchanges, from the Binance or Bitmex, etc., Huobi offers exclusive and free tools. The main tool is Bitcoin robots. For this, Huobi has formed a partnership and contract with 3commas, offering free crypto bots.

Of course, the volume of trading on Huobi is less than Binance, but the way in which Huobi is trying to build up its client base is admirable! Therefore, everything in the future may change radically. And even if you end up not being very satisfied with Huobi, you will have already learned how to use the 3commas bots and you can just go use the Binance crypto exchange site instead.


We are now done. In this article, I told you about 3commas bots and that you should use them while there is such an opportunity. I hope that you are successful and I’ll see you in the next video!

Free crypto and bitcoin bot 3commas for Huobi
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