Free 3commas bot for any crypto exchange

On the 21st of May, 3commas, a modern developer of software for automated trading, made a great gift to all users! Finally, it is provided an opportunity for all new and current customers to use Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency trading bots absolutely free. See below for more details.

Crypto bot free 2019

Free 3commas bot for any crypto exchange

In some previous topics, Huobi for 3commas for free, I told you that for all users of this exchange, 3commas service is completely free without any obligations. However, not everyone likes to trade on Huobi. Someone confuses that there are not so many users, volatility, and the volume of trading there is not big if a complaint to the other crypto exchanges. Some people do not like the lack of a fewer number of signals to enter a trade, while for BINANCE there are many more such signals. And another important point – on Huobi higher commission for opening deals.

For many reasons, including because Binance and BitMEX are more famous and popular exchanges, people give preference to them. However, it is important for new cryptocurrency traders to learn how to trade with a minimum investment. But bots it needs to pay money and if users trading not with risk, they do not always can cover expenses for bot service. For example, you can trade on BINANCE with a deposit of $100-500, but a subscription of $50-100 a month, so your potential incoming around 50-200 USD. Not much, really?

You will have to trade aggressively, which increases the risk to kill your deposit even with bots. Or you need to take a time to learn trading, for an open and close deal in time with a small deposit, for increase your capital by 15-30 percent per month. It is mean that some people are not ready for the first stage to pay 50-100 dollars a month for the services of bots. The free crypto robot also is important for current customers 3commas. Practice shows that it is not always profitable to trade in the cryptocurrency market non-stop and have days and even months when it is better to stop trading or even exchange crypto to fiat money. And nobody wants to pay for bots when not using it.

Bot Binance and Bitmex – why free?

Free 3commas for any exchanges

For these reasons, 3commas make present for users and offers a FREE tariff plan for users with name – “Beginner”, available for crypto exchanges, for example, BINANCE or BitMEX. You can use the Smart Trade terminal, Simple and Composite bots. All without limits? Almost … There is only one obligation…

It is that your deposit in any cryptocurrency should not more than 750$. For example, after opening an account on 3commas and to deposit an amount less than 750$, you use the service for free with any exchange. However, if you exceed this limit by replenishing your account with a larger amount or at least from 600 to 751 dollars, for example, you will have to pay for the service.

The platform system automatically checking your daily balance and, when it is up more 750 dollars, it will automatically ask you to choose a paid tariff plan and pay for it. Just a small limit, which allows you to earn a small deposit from 50 to 300 dollars a day on the machine. And you are still learning how to work with crypto bots! This is good, agree?

Robots for crypto exchanges for free

Free 3commas bot for any crypto exchange

To start using 3commas bots for free, follow the link in the description and open an account. Using my link, in the future, you will get a discount of 10 to 15 percent for 3commas services when you need to switch to a paid tariff plan.

Also open an account on the BINANCE, BitMEX, or any other crypto exchange that you want to connect to 3commas. Using my link to register on crypto exchanges, you will get a discount on trading for each transaction up to 10 percent!

Next step – connect the exchange to the 3commas site. How to do this, you can watch my thematic video, the link in the description of this content.

Registration and how to work with crypto service 3commas

The next step is to deposit money at a crypto exchange. To do this, use the website “Bitkub” to exchange Thai baht for a cryptocurrency, then transfer funds to BINANCE or another crypto exchange that supports 3commas.

Done! Now you can trade at 3commas using bots. However, remember that bots will not do all the work for you. For this, you need to be able to properly configure and control them. For to know how to do this, read and watch other videos And if you want to get exclusive settings for bots and trading strategies from me personally, then subscribe to my channel and join the Facebook group. Links are also in the description.


After that, you can personally contact me and I will help you. That’s all. Until the next video releases!

Бесплатный бот 3commas для любой крипто биржи
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