Futures bots

Hello. In this video, I will tell you more about Futures bots for cryptocurrencies at 3commas. I will show you how it can be configured, recommendations, what signals should use (trade entry points), and also advise where to find the best settings for robots. Here we go!

How setup Futures bots

futures bots

Bots are configured for the Futures market in the same way as for the Spot market. Attention! Your account on the Binance Spot Market exchange differs from the account on the same Binance Futures Market exchange. I already said in the video about Binance Futures that you need to separately open a separate account on Binance Futures, even if you already have an account on the Binance Spot market.

So, go to the 3commas website, select the “DCA Bot” section and in a new window, click on the “Create Bot” icon. In the exchange tab, select your Futures account (different from the Spot account). And now you can make settings, which are basically the same as for the Spot Bot. The differences are as follows. 1) Only Simple bots are available for the Futures market. That is, you can trade only one pair with one bot, and not several as in the Spot market. So not have Composite bots here. 

2) Profit Currency – the profit of the incremental coin, here only the coin on the left is being increased (Quote), that is, USDT, because in the Futures market we trade coins to USDT and only USDT can be increased. 3) Leverage is the main advantage of Futures, cross or isolated leverage is indicated from x1 to x125. 4) Crypto pairs – there are significantly more coins (altcoins) on the Spot market than on the Futures market, so you may not come across some tokens.

Signals for Futures bots

futures bots

5) Signals – for the futures market there are separate signals from the Spot market. The rest of the settings for futures bots are exactly the same as for spot bots. Click on the “Save” button and the system offers to start the robot right now or not. I suggest returning to crypto Signals, as this is the most important component for the effective operation of futures bots.

Of the basic and free signals for futures bots, fewer are available for spot robots. For example, there is no RSI, ULT, and TA Presents. However, with “Pro Subscription” you get TradingView signals that you can connect to TradingView for free or for free. And the second option is to find paid crypto signals from the 3commas store. I have already published a separate video about such signals. Among the paid signals, we recommend Keiko Futures and Crypto Hunters.

These signals work well enough, and their developers offer ready-made and recommended turnkey settings. Also on 3commas, you can find ready-made “Copy Trade” futures bots from other users. In the appropriate section on the 3commas website, find the pair you need, see the statistics and profit/loss of a particular bot, test it on a Demo account before using them on a real account.

Best Futures bot settings

futures bots

As a longtime 3commas user and professional crypto trader, I have good and recommended settings for futures bots. These settings, in my opinion, are optimal and bring maximum profit with minimum risk. Adequate leverage is used to increase it even with a small deposit.

I can offer you unique settings for futures bots and trading strategies from me personally. To do this, you need to subscribe to my botcryptotrade.com channel, join the Facebook group, and pay for the 3commas “Pro” subscription for 1 year. Links in the description below. After that, write to me through the contacts on the site, whether it be Whatsapp or Line application, write me your registration email at 3commas, and the screen of payment for the “Pro” tariff plan.




The video on cryptocurrency futures bots is finished. You can create your own robot for the Crypto Futures market, use free or paid signals, or get my conservative settings for profit trading. That’s all until new videos on botcryptotrade.com

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