How connect Futures and Margin account to 3commas

Hi everybody. In this video, I will tell you how to connect Binance Futures and Margin Binance to 3COMMAS. That is, you will learn how to trade by Smart Trade and using bots 3commas with contracts and leverage, which is very convenient. Getting started!

How to trade Binance futures and Binance Margin in 3commas

How connect Futures and Margin account to 3commas

There were already some videos and articles on about Binance Futures and Binance Margin. You can find this information on the corresponding pages. Now I want to tell you how to connect these platforms to 3COMMAS. By default, on BINANCE, after connected your account to 3commas (watch video how to connect crypto exchanges to 3commas), you will only have a spot market.

To trade Binance Futures and Binance Margin, each platform must once again be separately connected to 3commas. To do this, go to the “My Exchanges” category on the 3commas account main page. And in the “Exchanges” field, select “Binance Futures” or “Binance Margin”. Next, in the next field, write the name, API Key, and API Secret data.

The advantages of Trading Binance Futures and Margin in 3commas

Futures and Margin Binance in 3commas2

That is, everything is the same as when connecting an ordinary exchange. You need to go separate to Binance Futures and BINANCE Margin pages, create an API Key and API Secret, and then connect it to 3COMMAS. After that, you will have the opportunity to create orders in Smart Trade and use bots for Futures and Margin Binance as well as for the spot market. However, the settings will be slightly different.

For example, an additional option will appear to indicate the amount of leverage. The advantage of trading by 3commas is that all statistics, profit, and losses will be displayed in one place. You will automatically get an update in the diary of the trader of this site. Smart Trade will allow you to use the floating Take Profit and Stop Loss. And the bots for Futures and Margin Binance automate trading and save your time.


In this video, was a review about Futures and Margin BINANCE trading in 3COMMAS. It will allow you to have all platforms in one click in one window, quickly open or close deals automatically. Yes, and in 3commas you can transfer money from your spot account to futures account. That’s all for the upcoming video releases.

Как подключить Фьючерс и Маржинальный аккаунт к 3коммас
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