How to choose trading pairs on Cryptorg?

Hello, dear friends. I am Mike Aromday, and this is the channel that will help you learn about how to earn money with cryptocurrency bot trading. Today, I want to explain the topic of how to choose pairs for trading on crypto exchange stocks via the use of CRYPTORG bots. In part, I have already talked about this in one of my previous videos, but in this material, I would like to show you an alternative way of choosing trading pairs, for trading cryptocurrencies.

Choose pairs for trading cryptocurrency 

How to choose trading pairs on Cryptorg?

So, we’ll go to the CRYPTORG site and visit the section “Statistics”, for example, choose BINANCE statistics, and see which trading pairs work well. We’ll look at what we have now in the first positions of the ranking of trade—the first 10 pairs: BCHSV, QKC, MANA, WAVES, BNB, MDA, EOS, ETC, BTC, GO and etc. And we will then analyze these pairs through the CoinMarketCap service. I’ll copy the name of the BCHSV coin from the first pair of the list and here, we will check the current situation of this coin on the CoinMarketCap site.

I will then insert BCHSV by clicking ctrl+F and I’ll search for it. It’s not on the first page at all, it’s not even in the first 100 coins, it is further down on the list, so this coin doesn’t interest us. We take the second pair, QKC, and also look for it in the search function on CoinMarketCap. We’ve got the same result. The third pair is MANA and now we can find it in the search, this time it’s on the first page, as the 63rd one, but it’s not included in the top 40 coins list. We should be interested only in those trading pairs that are included in the top 40 coins on  CoinMarketCap. And MANA is, as you can see here, is the 63rd, so we’ll skip it too.

The fourth pair of WAVES is next in line, we’ll copy the name of it, look for it.  in 39th place and it is in the top 40. Excellent, we’ll take this coin. Well, we should check the chart and history of WAVES. Go to the chart and look for it. At the peak, like everything before the New Year in December 2017—the price was so much higher and then all of the Altcoins, all the currencies went down. Now WAVES, as you can see here, is growing again. This cryptocurrency is reliable, so it’s not a risk, even if the robot doesn’t buy back this currency again and it remains in your portfolio, it’s not risky. It will still grow in the future, and you will still end up with some sort of profit. The price of WAVES will be grown for sure again.

So, we have already chosen one crypto coin. We also need to check the fourth coin, BNB. Once again, go to the site, CRYPTORG, copy it, and go to the list of all cryptocurrencies on CoinMarketCap. Press Ctrl+F, paste the name ‘BNB’, and search for this coin. Here it is, it’s in the 16th place and that means that it is in the top 40. Next, we should go see the chart and check out the current situation with Binance Coin. Here, the first one had a big jump on January 12, 2018, then there was a fall down, and some time it began growing again.

Then—on June 18, 2018—there was a jump again, a slow slight drop, however as you can see here, the crypto Binance Coin went up again. It is a very good coin and has good prospects. In addition, do not forget that BNB is a coin that belongs to the Binance exchange stock itself. This coin is actively used to pay for the commission when trading crypto through this exchange stock, so BNB will always be relevant.

Perspective pairs for trading with on Cryptorg

How to choose trading pairs on Cryptorg?

Then, here on the site CoinMarketCap, we’ll go to the section “Markets”. Here, we see its current value in dollars, Bitcoin, and Ethereum. Below is the information on its “market capitalization”—724,747, 938 dollars. The total “volume in 24 hours” is 19,747,537 dollars and the “total stock” is 190,799,315 dollars. Go below again and you can find the markets in which this coin is traded and in what amounts and volumes it is traded in. The main stock exchange is BINANCE and then there is also LBank, Exrates, and a few other stocks.

But the main one is BINANCE, where a large amount of turnover money goes, $ 6 million in 24 hours. The coin is very good, so it can also be safely used for bot crypto trading. If this cryptocurrency is in your portfolio, there’s nothing wrong with it either. So, this is what you should do: firstly,  go to the CRYPTORG site and make your choice from the list, start from the top. Secondly, check that the coins are included in the top 40 list on the CoinMarketCap site. Thirdly, on the same site, open the coin chart, and check where the price is currently at, this is so that you can understand can evaluate its future prospects. 

Normally, for trading, it is always recommended that you stick to these crypto pairs: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and of course Binance Coin they will never let you down if you’re involved in long-term trading because these coins will always grow in the future. These coins are the main tools for work and are always relevant, and even if the price for them falls down, it will always go back up again in the near future. Just know that they will always grow again. You just need to wait and be patient with it. The main thing is that it is necessary to look at the coin itself, its current state, as well as analyze the price chart for it.

To do this, just repeat what we’ve discussed, go to CoinMarketCap, look at the chart—for example, a chart of Bitcoin—and watch the history of its price movements. The price of the coin will always fluctuate. Just remember that it is important for us to always open the deal when the coin’s price at a low. Of course, it is possible for the price to drop down more, but it’ll definitely go up again.

Anyway, if you do not have enough balance or robots on CRYPTORG, you can often just change coins. If your deposit can’t afford more bots, I recommend that you select for your bots to open at least 12 safety orders, but 25 would be better. This means that you should have a very large deposit on your exchange stock, but the trading itself will be with a small amount of money.

But since I’ve opened the deals at a time when I knew that the coins would grow, I don’t feel like it’s necessary for me to have 25 safety orders. For this reason, I can use more amount of the money from my deposit and I can change my set up of bots and just use 5 safety orders so that it’s possible for me to open up deals with a larger amount than usual. When we use a lesser amount of safety orders, then we can use more of our deposit to increase our profit. But this method should only be used when you’re sure that the price will go up and not down!


Thanks for watching this video—take the first step and earn with us. All the best!

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