How to pay for Cryptorg service?

Hello, guys! In this video, we will be talking about how to buy a membership for the CRYPTORG service, as well as how to quickly and comfortably transfer money. I recommend paying by Bitcoin. It is the simplest and most economical way to do it. For this reason, we should use the exchange stock BX IN TH for exchanging Thai baht to Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. I talked about this service in my previous video as well.

Subscriptions on Cryptorg

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Let’s go through the documentation and read it, to see what differs here. For this in the menu, under “documentation”, we go to the section “Tariffs”. By the way, it is necessary to read and go through all documentation, there is a lot of useful information within. The Tariffs page informs us: “All paid tariffs include providing a personal IP address. Your bots will connect to the stock and interact with it. All bots connect with stocks through the same IP address in a free subscription, thus it may cause delays in replying or blocking ” It means that there are many people who try to trade with a free membership account. So, signals come through one IP to the exchange stock and it can delay the replies within these signals.

Now go up 4 tariffs: demo-access, which presents itself in every new account. Its duration is only for 14 days. Then you should say ‘bye’ to the “trial” and purchase one for $15 per month. It includes one trade pair and one access to exchange stock. So, you will be allowed to trade only using one pair. I recommend buying the “Starter” for $30  per month. It will be enough for good deposits. Even if there’ll be $10,000 in cryptocurrency, the tariff “Starter” will be quite enough.

So, to go to one of these membership tariffs, you should press the “plugin” button. My tariff is already on, so then you should press “buy” and so on. Choose the number of months, e.g. 12 months will cost $360. You will be able to turn on an auto-subscription and so on, it doesn’t matter. Let’s do it for 1 month, just for example. Click “confirm”. The system then tells us that  “there are not enough funds, pay a balance, by adding a deposit”.

Pay for the Cryptorg service via BX IN TH

How to pay for Cryptorg service?

How to deposit money to your balance? Let’s do it now. Go to the section labeled “settings” then click “Account management”, and go to “Deposit”—my balance is empty right now. You see I always receive a paid tariff. And here are some options that you can pay with: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Master Card, or Yandex Money. Unfortunately, Master or Visa card and Yandex Money may not be an option for some users living in Thailand—in my case, this is not working. So, a safe and reliable way of paying for the service on CRYPTORG would be by using Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash via the exchange stock, BX IN TH. But through this service, you should also transfer money to BINANCE or KUCOIN exchange stocks for trading, because if you do it straight you cannot transfer money to these sites, so it is important to know how to do it. It is actually quite simple. Select the amount of money which you want to pay for your tariff, e.g. $30, it doesn’t matter. And by way of payment—Bitcoin. Press “Confirm”, you will then see the amount and address for the payment in Bitcoin. Now we go to the website BX IN TH.

Before we can use this service, you should log in, finish the verification, and connect your Thai bank account to BX IN TH. I have already walked you through this process in my previous video—How to exchange Thai baht to bitcoin or cryptocurrency? When everything is done, you should go to the section “My Funds” (เงินของฉัน), click on the subsection “Deposit” (เงินฝาก), choose your Thai bank account and account number for your bank – from which you would like to make a transaction in the system – and also write the amount for the payment. Then press the bottom button “Create a deposit” (สร้างรายการฝาก). You should pay the required amount of Thai baht, which is enough for the paid membership on CRYPTORG. I mean, for example, $30 for the current exchange rate is around 950 baht—but it is better to send a little bit more like 1000 baht. And BX IN TH will also include some of its own commission, so in our case, we should pay a little bit more and the total amount will be 1012 Thai baht. This is the exact amount you must transfer and the system will send you a warning if you do not – สำคัญ คุณจะต้องโอนตามจำนวนนี้เท่านั้นมิฉะนั้นทางบริษัทจะไม่ทราบผู้โอน.

After creating the “Deposit” (สร้างรายการฝาก) the site will show you the address of the bank, where you’ll need to transfer the money to. After payment, be careful and safely bill the payment because the system needs to know who is paying and it will warn you about that again—กรุณาอัพโหลดใบสลิปหรือใบแจ้งยอดการโอน. For the payment, you can use, for example, application K + (Kassikorn app). Open K + on your mobile, go to the transaction section, and write your account number for your Thai bank of BX IN TH. Then write the amount for payment of $1021 Thai bank and send the money. As a result, you will receive something like this as the bill payment, which you will then need to download on the crypto exchange stock to change the Thai baht to Bitcoin. You can send the payment bill to your PC or open BX IN TH from mobile and download the bill. So, go back to BX IN TH, choose your desired choice of payment (เลือกประเภทการโอน) and choose the variant via internet banking, online or ATM (โอนเงินผ่านธนาคาร/ออนไลน์/ATM)  and then download the payment bill from a mobile phone—this is necessary. Press the button at the bottom, “Confirm”, (การจ่ายเงินสมบูรณ์) and receive notification that your request for the payment of $1021 Thai bat is now in the system and that it is going through the stages of a checking process (การฝาก1021 THB กําลังอยู่ระห่วางตรวจสอบ และคุณจะได้รับ fund ในบัญชีคุณเร็วๆนี้). You should wait for the money to enter your BX IN TH account. It will take some time.

Exchange Thai Baht for Bitcoin

How to pay for Cryptorg service?

Now, we have received 1000 baht into our account in the system —but on my amount, it shows that I have 1129 baht, because I had some money in there already, so don’t pay attention to that. On the main page, you should make a request to exchange Thai Baht to Bitcoin. Enter in 1000 baht, and check the current price for selling 1 Bitcoin for Thai baht—it is 207189.96 baht. And below you can see 0.00481442, which is the exact current rate of 1000 baht. This means that 1000 baht =  0.00481442 BTC. I would like to tell you, that you shouldn’t be afraid of the fluctuations between the rate of Bitcoin to Thai Baht—you can pay a fixed price in dollars for the service at CRYPTORG, is always fixed and you have nothing to worry about. However, you might have to pay more if the dollar grows—thus increasing your payment in Thai baht— but this is rare, so don’t worry. Next, we will enter a 2-factor authentication on Google and press the button “Create order” (สร้างออเดอร์). You will get this notification—Please confirm that your order details are correct: 0.00481442 BTC for 1000 THB”, and then we’ll press the button “Confirm order” (ยืนยันว่าออเดอร์ถูกต้อง).  Now we wait for the process of exchange of Thai baht to Bitcoin to finish. 1000 baht from my account in BX IN TH was withdrawn already and I have only 129 baht in my balance.

Well, we’re almost done. Now, you can see my balance is 0.00481442 BTC. Go to the section “My Funds” (เงินของฉัน), choose the subsection “Withdraw” (ถอน), click on the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, and see the currently available amount of Bitcoin—which I can withdraw or transfer—0.00481442. You can enter any available amount or click on “Withdraw all” (ทั้งหมด) because I want to transfer all of the amounts of BTC which I have. After that, you should enter the address for transfer cryptocurrency (ที่อยู่ถอน)—back on the  CRYPTORG website, copy the address for payment of service from the section “Payment”. Be sure that the copied address for the payment is correct! For your safety, you’d better click on the button “Copy”. Let’s go to BX IN TH and paste it in the address field for transferring funds (ที่อยู่ถอน) to the address of CRYPTORG. Also below, you can find the information about the commission of service for transactions – just only 0.00050000, which is about 100 baht. Next, enter the code of the 2-step Authentication Google and click the button “Withdraw” (ถอน). It is now done one—amount 0.00481442 Bitcoin was withdrawn from my account in BX IN TH.

Next step? We go to CRYPTORG, menu “Settings” and section «Tariff Settings», press “Change tariff”, choose membership “Starter 30$/ 1 month”, choose the number of months—1 month and click “Confirm”. Well done! But keep this in mind! The receipt from your transaction between BX IN TH and CRYPTORG may not come immediately, so you’ll need to wait few hours. For you to check your receipt, you can check this in the menu by going to “Setting”, section “Balance” and there’ll be an available amount—in my case is 30 dollars. After you get the money in your account in CRYPTORG, you can pay for the service of this web site.


Update!!! The BX IN TH exchange is currently closed. There is another, similar, more convenient, and functional exchange crypto for Thai baht – BITKUB. Its review on our website on the “Bitkub Review” page.


That was all, friends. We were successfully paid for the CRYPTORG service via BX IN TH. This video is finished. See you in next to my video.

Быстрая работа с Cryptorg
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