Review IEO Altcoin – BAND, KAVA, WRX, SAND, EGLD

Hello dear ladies and gentlemen. I continue to review the main cryptocurrencies and this time I will talk about the IEO launchpad protocols – BAND, KAVA, WRX, SAND, EGLD. These coins were first launched on Binance and have good investment and day trading prospects. In addition, for some of them, you can receive rewards and various bonuses on crypto exchanges. Let’s go!

BAND review

IEO altcoinsBAND cryptocurrency is a scalable, decentralized system for Web 3.0. A secure and two-tier oracle for non-private blockchains. It helps blockchain applications to use data on the Internet without intermediaries. Allows you to connect this data between Web 2.0 and 3.0. BAND coins and their staking guarantee that all information is confidential and protected from manipulation.

The BAND coin is characterized by a fixed feed. The token is the total value of any datasets in the blockchain strip protocol. The use cases are as follows: voting to make decisions on the management of the BAND network; in the role of collateral for the release of electronic money data set; the ability to influence the BandChain algorithm. The minimum coin value was $ 0.2 and the maximum was $ 17.78.

KAVA review

IEO altcoinsThe KAVA coin belongs to the KAVA Defi platform, where any participant has the opportunity to take secured loans in other tokens – BNB, BTC, ATOM, XRP, and some others. All over the world, there are already 100 companies representing KAVA that support this cryptocurrency and loans in it. The token is used for management and staking. The coin offers the ability for users to vote on changes to the protocol and guarantees network security.

There is an algorithm for maintaining a stable coin – USDX, which will also be assigned to KAVA. Thus, the company employs a whole system of oracles to determine the price and keep the USDX price related to the fiat USD. Investors who stake Kava are offered passive income in the form of a percentage of the creation of new blocks and transactions of the token holders. The minimum coin price was $ 0.24 and the maximum was $ 5.53.

WRX review

IEO altcoinsWRX is a protocol owned by the WazirX crypto exchange in India. This exchanger offers options for exchanging cryptocurrencies for fiat money (Indian rupee) in p2p mode or through limit and market orders. WRX works in the Binance ecosystem and allows users to receive discounts on trading, reduce the commission on margin, and be calculated as a reward for opening transactions on the exchange.

The main purpose of WRX is to increase the activity of owners, increase their contribution to the development of the protocol, and reward for active trading or exchange of cryptocurrency. On the WazirX Indian exchange, token holders have the right to vote on the listing of new coins. The minimum cost of the cryptocurrency was at the start of IEO Binance on February 5, 2020 – 0.04502 dollars. The maximum price of $ 0.22989, the coin managed to reach in less than a month – March 3, 2020.

SAND review

IEO altcoinsSAND is the game token of the system and of The Sandbox. It offers all users to earn money in the form of this coin while playing. SAND investors have the right to vote on actions in the system. The main goal of the platform is to combine the computer games industry with the blockchain. For this token, gamers can play certain games and make in-game purchases (purchase clothes for characters and their equipment).

Offered to coin holders and staking with passive income. The Sandbox Foundation awards to the creators of the best games on the platform. The system allows even ordinary users to create their own games or game items, sell and buy them, without a control center. At the same time, authorship is confirmed for each gamer, thanks to a unique blockchain identifier. The lowest cryptocurrency price was $ 0.028 and the highest was $ 0.158.

EGLD review

IEO altcoinsEGLD (eGold) – electronic money of the Elrond blockchain. The protocol offers very high transaction speed through the use of sharding. It is a technological system for the future of the Internet, which includes the Internet of Things, fintech, and decentralized finance. Elrond is capable of executing 15,000 transactions in 1 second, with a maximum latency of only 6 seconds and a price per transaction of $ 0.001.

The EGLD coin is used to pay for stakes, network fees, and validator rewards. This platform is suitable for enterprise use and decentralized applications. In total, there is a limited number of tokens – 31 415 926 EGLD and this number will become smaller as the new number is processed in the transaction network. The lowest price was $ 6, the highest was $ 42 (January 7, 2021).


The video about IEO launchpad cryptocurrencies – BAND, KAVA, WRX, SAND, EGLD, comes to the end. I made a review of each token, explained its nuances and features. All these coins have good prospects for the near future. In addition, new digital money is often listed on Binance in IEO, which in the near future will greatly increase in value. Follow this news and new videos on

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