KCS coin of Kucoin exchange

Hello everybody. In this video, I want to talk about the KCS coin of Kucoin exchange. The full name of the coin is KuCoin Shares. I will tell you what kind of coin it is, what advantages and prospects it has for the future, and how it can be used profitably. This can be investments, a decrease in the trading commission, participation in Votes, and Lotteries. Let’s start!

What is KCS coin?

kcs coin

KCS is a token of the Kucoin cryptocurrency exchange. One of the decentralized electronic money based on ERC-20 ETH technology. The coin is not available for mining, but it is possible to buy it on the Kucoin exchange or receive it as a reward for activity on the site and various contests. The average token price ranges from 0.6 to 1 USDT.

As with BNB on Binance, all KCS holders receive a percentage of the discount (from 1 to 30%) when trading any cryptocurrency on the Kucoin exchange. In addition, a small passive income is possible for owners who keep this token for a long time. So the Kucoin exchange from time to time runs affiliate programs, where it distributes 50% of its profits between KCS investors, depending on the number of tokens in their account.

For what and how can use KCS coin? 

kcs coin

Currently, Kucoin spends part of the profit on the purchase of its own KCS crypto for their subsequent burning. Again, this is the analogy with Binance, which burns a certain amount of BNB every quarter. According to Kucoin, the destruction of their own coins will lead to their growth in value in the future. The creators of this asset are planning to leave only 80,000,000 coins, and the rest will be burned every year.

KuCoin Shares has all the features common to other blockchain tokens. This cryptocurrency can also be considered as a tool for investing funds on the Kucoin exchange. KCS is like the shares of a profitable project. Keeping this asset on the account, the exchange sometimes credits a number of other cryptocurrencies. The more KCS you hold, the more bonus coins you receive as a result.

Promotions and lottery with KCS

kcs coin

And by the way, all KCS owners are guaranteed expedited assistance from the exchange support service and individual advice. And the most interesting thing for which it is worth buying and storing KuCoin Shares is the opportunity to participate in various promotions and lotteries of the exchange of the same name. As in Binance, having KCS you get the right to take part in the Voting for the listing of a new cryptocurrency on the exchange, and you will receive a certain amount of these coins as a reward.

Interesting lotteries are often held on Kucoin, during which you need to buy and hold a certain amount of KCS. This will allow you to get from 1 to 10 lottery tickets, and the tickets, in turn, guarantee that you will receive a new token before other users at the lowest price before listing. Then this token can be quickly sold and a big profit can be made. This is a complete analog of “Binance Launchpad and Lottery“, so watch the corresponding video.


The video about “KCS coin of Kucoin exchange” is coming to the end. Now you know why and for what to use KuCoin Shares. I also want to add that the Kucoin exchange has great prospects for the future and development of the blockchain industry, and this can have a positive effect on the growth of the KCS coin. Kucoin is already at the TOP of the most popular crypto exchanges and has great development potential. This video is over and see you again in the new releases on botcryptotrade.com

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