Registration on Bitmex

Greetings to all cryptocurrency traders. Today we will talk about registration on the BitMEX exchange and security on it. I’ll tell you how quickly you can create an account and set up a 2-step authorization. Let’s get started

Open Bitmex Account

การลงทะเบียนบน BitMEX

For register on cryptocurrency exchange stock – BitMEX, go to the Bitmex website in the description above video or on the webpage Then to click here on the “Register” button and provide information about you, like your e-mail; password; your address – a country of residence, for example, Thailand; and in the last field write the name and surname. Now select to checkbox about that you accept the Terms of Service. Next, click on the “Register” button.

To your email, for example, Gmail, which was written on the service earlier, should receive a message with a link to confirm your account. Go to your mail and find a letter from Bitmex. Follow the link and all process done. Now you have a BitMEX account and you have completed the registration. We can start setting up our account on this cryptocurrency exchange.

Two-step authorization on Bitmex

การลงทะเบียนบน BitMEX

To increase the security of your account, you should enable ON 2-step Google authorization (2FA). To do this, open the profile page and click on the “Account and Settings” tab. Then go to “My Account” and select Google Authorization. You will also need to install a mobile application for Android or Apple, run this application, and read the QR code. Normally, everything is the same as in the case of the BINANCE and KUCOIN exchanges.

This authentication from Google is needed when logging into your account, for example, as I am doing this right now. Also, such authorization can be useful for executing such operations as sending cryptocurrency to other exchanges. In addition, Google authentication will protect you from scams and they will not be able to access your account even if the password is stolen.

The security of funds in BitMEX accounts is guaranteed by a cold wallet – MultiSig. The servers of the service are protected by Amazon’s text messaging services and use multi-deposit deposits. In addition, the high data security of Bitmex speaks for itself of the fact that in the whole history of the service don’t happen any cases of hacking user accounts.


Our video about opening a BitMEX account has come to an end. Register and get all the features of this system for margin trading.

Registraion on Bitmex
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