Portfolio cryptocurrency in 3commas

Hello cryptocurrency traders. This time I want to talk about the cryptocurrency portfolio in 3COMMAS. This feature is useful to you if you do not want to trade every day, but interest to INVEST in cryptocurrency for a long time – from 6 months to 1 year. 3commas allows you to automatically buy crypto when price going up and sell when price going down. Let’s get started.

What is the crypto portfolio?

Portfolio cryptocurrency in 3commas

A crypto portfolio is a list of cryptocurrencies that you have right now. This makes it possible to choose crypto for investments, to evaluate them in the past and in the future. Having created a portfolio, you can connect it to 3COMMAS, and this will allow you to buy all the necessary crypto money quickly and conveniently. Especially when you need to buy more than 10 tokens.

In addition, there is an auto-balancing function, which makes it possible to keep the crypto portfolio up to date. When you need to create a new crypto portfolio, open section the “Portfolios” on 3commas and click on the “Analyze New Portfolio” button.

You will see a new page in which you will be asked to write the name of the crypto portfolio in the “Name” field. Then choose your exchange, for example, BINANCE or KUCOIN, by clicking on the appropriate button. After that, you will see such an interface. To add the cryptocurrency you are interested in to the portfolio, select the following two options.

Click on the “Add token” button and select from the list or enter the name of the crypto. Or in the “Top by cap” section, click on the “+” icon of the cryptocurrency that interests you. When you finish adding tokens, you have to make their ratio. By default, the crypto portfolio is divided equally among all the selected tokens.

In the “Allocations” section, in the “Shares” field, it is possible to enter fractional and integer numbers. How to make the calculations is up to you. For example, it can be percentages, then the crypto portfolio should be distributed like this. Let’s say, we have five tokens in our portfolio, and the entire portfolio is 100%. To evenly divide the portfolio, we give each coin 20 percent. (100% / 5 = 20%.

In the case where tokens, for example, 20 pieces, for uniform distribution, we would allocate 5% each, because 100% / 20 = 5%). I want to tell you that I gave the division evenly only for the convenience of calculations. Alternatively, it is possible to apply uneven shares, such as 50 \ 10 \ 10 \ 10 \ 20.

Cryptocurrency portfolio analysis

Portfolio cryptocurrency in 3commas

When choosing tokens for a portfolio, analysis tools will appear: statistics and distribution. Statistics – at the top here, you can see the percentage for the past day and month. Distribution – is a chart showing the percentage ratio of tokens. When you hover over one of the colors, we will see the name of the crypto and its percentage in the portfolio.

BTC \ USD profit – shows your profit for the past day. When the choice of tokens is completed, you can save the portfolio or use it immediately to the crypto exchange. Here below, there are the following buttons: “Save + Publish” will allow you to save your portfolio in the 3commas section “My Portfolios” and it will become available to other users of this site.

The “Login” button is needed to purchase the selected tokens on the connected crypto exchange. Keep in mind that when you click “Login” 3COMMAS fully uses your balance. If you already have crypto coins bought and they are not in the portfolio, then 3commas will sell them. After clicking the “Login” button, your balance on the crypto exchange will become all consistent with the collected portfolio.

But that’s not all. In the “Portfolios” at 3COMMAS, there is a list of recently added portfolios. Keep in mind that these portfolios were made by other users of the site, so you can find both a portfolio of a professional trader and a beginner. There are 3 icons here. “Heart” – follow this portfolio so that it can be easily found and viewed in the future.

“Eye” icon – view a portfolio and statistics. When viewing a portfolio, the same information is available here as when creating a portfolio. But there is an additional “Profit” chart. This graph helps to analyze the profitability of a portfolio for different periods of time.

The button – “Copy for editing”, allows you to copy the desired portfolio and change its settings. “Apply” button or “Checkmark” icon to use someone else’s portfolio. In this case, the balance on your exchange will correspond to the selected portfolio. By the way, all your favorites’ portfolios are in the “Portfolios” section, in the “Followed Portfolios” sub-item.

Crypto portfolio auto-balancing

Portfolio cryptocurrency in 3commas

Auto-balancing is keeping a portfolio up to date, given the current situation in the crypto market. Auto-balancing in the specified period of time brings the portfolio to its original form. Let’s say we have a crypto portfolio: BTC 25% | ETH 50% | LTC 25%. The cost of LTC is growing, so the portfolio will change like this: BTC 20% | ETH 45% | LTC 35%.

During auto-balancing, part of the LTC will be sold, and BTC and ETH will be re-purchased so that the portfolio again becomes BTC 25% | ETH 50% | LTC 25%. You can enable auto-balancing in the “My exchanges” section. You need to go to this section, click on the “View” button. On the new page that opens, the “Auto-balancing” switch will appear and then click on “Off”.

A list of your portfolios appears. Select the desired portfolio and set the auto-balancing interval. Attention: I do not recommend using a value below 12 hours! Click on “Save”. Please note that auto-balancing occurs according to the selected portfolio, and not according to the current distribution of tokens on the crypto exchange. Check everything in the “To portfolio” list.

To turn off auto-balancing, you can also in the “My Exchanges” section. You need to go to this section, click on the “View” button. On the new page that opens, the “Auto-balancing” switch will appear and then click on “On”. But I do not recommend you turn off auto-balancing if you are a beginner.


In this video, I told you about the 3COMMAS cryptocurrency portfolio and how to use it. Whether or not to use this opportunity is up to you. But you should know that a good crypto portfolio can help you earn money in the long run without daily trading. There are pros and cons here. That’s all. See you in my new videos.

Portfolio of cryptocurrency of 3commas
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