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Here are some simple rules about using CRYPTORG for manipulating robots as well as managing profits.

Basic aspects of working with Cryptorg.net

It is very easy to use CRYPTORG. Firstly, you will need cash in your one of your crypto-stock balances:  either BINANCE or KUCOIN.

KUCOIN does not require verification and has a rather low commission rate compared to other exchanges (0.1%) on BINANCE; therefore it is more popular than others. Moreover, if you have one of their tokens in your balance, the BNB fee will be 0.05%.

Next, you should attach your balance with CRYPTORG using the API keys, and then attach it to the bots settings. Note, the keys give robots access for trading and reading only. In order of proper configurations, you can follow the instructions on the link available, after signing-up.

Of course, CRYPTORG is not a place where everything is done with a wave of the wand, you have to set up and reconfigure robots and select trade pairs by yourself. Only after, the robots have been configured to act in a certain manner, will they become useful machines for making money.

What is the recommended balance amount? Normal money-management is usually based on balances of 0.1 bitcoin or about $1000 USD.

Basics of managing robots

Many people ask questions regarding this topic. Fortunately, there are no universal rules for success. There are active/aggressive players and there are more moderate ones with conservative tactics. Standard recommendations include these:

1. Safety Orders must cover the entire amount of the deposit. This means that deposit of 0.1 BTC, where the minimum amount of the transaction is equal to one thousandth of bitcoin requires 100 SO.

One bot is recommended to have 30-35 insurances. So, this amount allows you to create 3 robots. The table shows the number of deposits according to the recommended number of robots and safety warrants.

Balance amount and recommended number of active robots

Deposit Orders СО Bots Volume of order
0.1 BTC 30-35 3 0.001 BTC
0.2 BTC 30-35 6 0.001 BTC
0.3 BTC 30-35 10 0.001 BTC
0.4 BTC 30-35 13 0.001 BTC
0.5 BTC 30-35 15 0.001 BTC
1 BTC 30-35 30 0.001 BTC

Certain balance growth requires increasing the amount of transactions, i.e. with a deposit of 0.1 BTC, when trading with a minimum order. When your deposit, for example, like mine, is 1BTC, then it will be much more profitable to bet 0.01BTC, while having 4 bots and 30-35 SO.

Again, the balance must be not fewer than the sum of all the safety orders. The rest is up to your personal strategy.

2 Take Profit (TP) on CRYPTORG. On average, users put values ​​from 0.5% to 1% into this section.

3. Safety order margin (SOM). What is it? The percentage of dropping the price of the newly added cache volume, hence it will average the transaction entry point of the robot and lower the level of TP. At the same time, a larger number of SO will ensure stability against the fall in price and the negative consequences caused by it.

Putting less than a one percent is effective only in a growing and flat market; in the case of a sharp decline of the market, it is not difficult to turn into an “investor”, which brings some inconvenience until you start gaining.

4. Selection of trading pairs. Follow these guidelines:

– Trade in reliable currencies so that in the case of a depreciation, you’ll continue to keep the coin until the take-profit.

– Check the signals and immediately select the appropriate pair for the robot.

– Make the analysis by yourself

– Careful settings of the robot in many aspects: it will strengthen the level of confidence, and it will behave in a more predictable manner.

– Statistics-page. All the deals that were completed by take profit in the last few hours have been collected here, so you can watch the most interesting and profitable trading pairs. Follow the statistics of the service, where users’ profitable deals are displayed. This allows you to witness the interesting trends and pairs quickly.

General tips regarding the use of Cryptorg

90% of my robots on CRYPTORG, trade with their filters turned off—right after a profitable deal, a new one will start by itself. Since I became an experienced player, I choose pairs well.

I constantly monitor the stock exchange. Filters trading is good when the market goes up (for example, as it was in March and April), because many transactions can be made at a higher profit with the same amount of time.

Bollinger signal is used by many users. When the channel of this filter touches a lower price, the first transaction begins on a 5-minute time-frame.

You can also add a daily filter into the work, which analyzes the daily “candle” and completely prohibits bot trading when the bottom is unprofitable (this method allowed us to survive several market dips over the past six months).

Remember the plugged filters in bots, which slow down a bot’s entry into the transaction.

Technical problems that may occur while robots work

Consider that the markets are not always stable (this is rare) but sometimes there are problems which occur in the system. They are not fatal and are displayed on the “Documentation” page. Go there to be stay up-to-date.

Profitability, positive and negative periods.

The growth of the market is useful for robots on CRYPTORG, because then BTC starts growing well relative to its alternatives. Falls occur, so, for example, in January 17 and February 18, there was a growth and robots made up for losing out on high profits.

The graphs below show fairly long track records from different users:

Quick Start Cryptorg Quick Start Cryptorg Quick Start Cryptorg Quick Start Cryptorg Quick Start Cryptorg Quick Start Cryptorg

The graph shows a record of the funds progress, which used our robots to diversify its work. It started with 30 bitcoins, then took profits at 10 BTC, then 60 BTC. So, the profit was initially at 10, but it became 20 bitcoins.

Quick Start Cryptorg

Start with a single bot on demo-mode on CRYPTORG, get a feel for the process. Next, look at your appetites and purchase the right tariff.

In the case of something becoming unclear to you, just add yourself to a telegram-chat or a discord. There you will find help from our close-knit community—either from administrators or users.


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