Results of trading crypto in Cryptorg for a month

Hello everyone, I have decided to share another video to talk about how I use the CRYPTORG bot—to show the results that I have received over my first month of crypto trading. I will tell you how much I was able to make, my mistakes, as well as experiences, gained. I will also disclose a future strategy for trading with bots on CRYPTORG

Trading experience on Cryptorg 

Results of trading crypto in Cryptorg for a month

I started using this bot from 29 September 2018 And I used the membership “Starter” for 30 dollars. So, from 29 September till 13 October 2018 year, CRYPTORG has helped me to make 18 dollars with a deposit amount of 1000 dollars. Now, my balance shows that I have an amount of 21.3 dollars because I ran the bots again a few days ago and I managed to make some new profit already. But for the first 2 weeks, I made 18 dollars because the bots were active for just those 14 days and then it stopped.

If it were not for my mistakes, my profit would have been much more per month—about 45 or 60 dollars. So, the target is to make 5 or more percent per month from your deposit, using CRYPTORG bots. It is possible.

I will show you what I earned each day, from 29 September till 13 October 2018.  In this list of statistics, you can see how much I earned in BTC. Same with these days. And these days too… But in the last 2 weeks, my deposit was finished, because I bought coins and almost all the robots stopped working and the income stopped too. So, in total, my bots worked for just 2 weeks. 

What happened? I was a beginner and I made some mistakes, about which I would like to inform you about. After we both reflect on my mistakes, we can be smarter about our decisions with these bots in the future. So, I traded my next pairs, and you can see it all laid out here in this section “My bots”. In total, I created 30 bots for 30 pairs—25 on BINANCE and 5 on Bittrex. The pairs include BTC/LTC, BTC-QKC, BTC-XRP, BTC-ONT, BTC-TRX, and many others. These are my settings.

These are just the standard settings from the documentation of this bot. The Take Profit is 1 percent, the fixed value first order is 0,00100000 Bitcoin, Martingale is ON, safety orders are at 1 percent too, 35 safety orders, and 3 active safety orders. I did not use the day filter and volume filter, but the Bollinger signal is ON. Other settings were left in default. 

My first mistake was that I started playing with the settings of the bots and I changed the Long strategy to Short. So, the deals after I changed it to Short started running slower. I did not have a strategy when I  used CRYPTORG for the first time and I also didn’t know anything about the settings. My second big mistake—was that I created a lot of bots(30 items, for BINANCE 25 and 5 for Bittrex). My deposit then finished quickly and it was not enough. After the second week, I encountered errors with my trading, using these bots.  This means that it is not recommended to use many bots when you’re working with a small deposit.  For example, 1000 dollars should be limited to 1 crypto stock, like BINANCE, and not 500 dollars for each. And around 3 or a maximum of 5 bots for a deposit of 1000 dollars—definitely not 30 bots.

Advantages and disadvantages of using Cryptorg

Moreover, my bot did not trade with a loss, well, to be more precise, it can not trade at a loss at all. It means that there was never a time that my bot would buy without being able to sell afterward. I have created 30 bots here with 30 currency pairs. And, here you can trade in pairs with Bitcoin, and with Etherium. I will show how it looks now. Purchasing a subscription to use a single bot or multiple bots will only allow you to trade with only one pair at a time.  But on CRYPTORG you can choose any pair.

Restrictions for a “Starter” membership is 30 bots. CRYPTORG offers other tariff plans, but I chose this one. You can have tariffs on CRYPTORG with 100 and more bots, but it only makes sense to use them if you have a huge deposit like 500000 or 1000000 baht, or if you trade it for other people. If you have a small deposit from 10 000 to 500 000 baht, the tariff “Starter” (30 bots and 30 dollars per month) will be good enough for you.

My settings were different. At first, I traded with a Take Profit of 1% and a Step Safety Order set on 1%.  Well, after that I started experimenting and I lowered the profit, increased the Step Safety Order, to save a little money on the deposit, because I did not have enough amount on the deposit for all the bots to work at the same time. Well, frankly, I didn’t notice the difference, as the bot trades almost the same way on 1 percent, or on 0.7 percent; I believe that the amount is roughly the same. The only negative thing about this bot on CRYPTORG is that it doesn’t have trail take profit. It does not watch the market. If you set the Take Profit amount to 1% for bot, and it is then tightly tied to this one percent. It does not take into consideration and make appropriate changes if the rate does go up. It does not pull up the order to match the growing rate, thereby it deprives the chance to make more of a profit. If this were to be changed, profitability would be better.

But I am sure that developers in the future will solve this problem and make the service better. I have sent them feedback regarding this matter and they have taken a note of it. But the main advantage of this bot is that it is very simple. This, in my opinion, is the simplest bot that exists ever. If you do not understand anything at all, just go to the documentation. That’s all you need to read to start working with it. Here, it’s very simple: “Create and configure access by following this instruction”. Or you can go to my website—, where I explain and teach you how to set up Cryptorg robots and I even outline which strategies you should use. 

Press the button, open the instructions, the text is almost non-existent, there are just some pictures. “Management of bots” is perhaps the largest text there, but you shouldn’t rush into that section. Everything is very simple. And, most importantly, if you do everything according to the instructions, it will begin to work and you can earn money immediately. here are other bots that you need to spend a lot of time installing and configuring to get it to work. But you’ll come across the fact that there is nothing about those in the manual.

But there are descriptions of the parameters, a description of what they are doing, but there’s nothing written in there that tells you how to make them work together normally. This is true for many bots. You will have to sit in some chat rooms, forums, and look at how you should organize the settings, but in CRYPTORG everything works and the set-up is easy and that is the biggest plus. There is also a FAQ as well as a support chat. But I didn’t have to use these.

Conclusions and recommendations for working with Cryptorg 

Remember that I had 30 bots when I first started using this service. But I said that I didn’t have all the bots working at the same time and that I didn’t have enough money on the deposit. When the deposit is empty, some bot came up with an error, saying that there was no money, but when the money appeared after the sale of a coin, the robots began to work some more. This is very convenient because you do not have to worry that you don’t have enough money on the deposit or not. If the deposit does not have enough money, the bot will continue working when you do have money in your deposit. This allows you to effectively spend your deposit to the maximum and turn it into a trade.

For maximum profit on CRYPTORG: 1) Use the “Starter” membership for 30 dollars per month for the first time. It will allow you to use more than 1 bot. 2) For small deposits, 500-1000 dollars is enough for just 3-5 bots. 3) Find good strategies for crypto-trading. What are the strategies? You can find out in my other videos. 4) If you do not want to waste time with strategies for crypto-trading and how it works, you can just set it up the CRYPTORG bots on their default settings and then just use it. 

Do not change it and do not experiment with it, if you do not understand how it all works.  You should earn around 5% of your deposit each month and if you have time after that, you can experiment with changing the settings. That’s all! Ι seriously recommend that you use CRYPTORG bots to trade. It works really well, as the very first bot for beginners, it’s generally a great solution. For people who want more, you check’s section called “Buy Bitcoin Bot” and you will be able to find more bots for trading there. But CRYPTORG is quite simple to configure and is a nice choice for beginners.


Thank you for your attention. See you in next my videos. Subscribe to my channel and share my website 

Быстрая работа с Cryptorg
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