Review brain games a trader

Hello crypto traders. In this video, I want to tell you about the training for the brain. So I will talk about a special program online, which will train your attention, memory, and thinking. After all, the work of the brain is very important for a trader to make the right decisions when he is trading cryptocurrency. Let’s start friends!

Exercise programs for the brain what is it?

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Exercise programs for the mind – a set of exercises for the development of memory, thinking, and attention. Why is it that many people prefer to diligently go to the gym, pump muscles, or train to body stamina? And did anyone think about how to train the brain and become smarter? In the modern world, more often than not, a woman will prefer a smart man rather than a man with big muscles.

I believe that in the life of every person there was a moment when attention and memory failed. Like, it is difficult to focus on work, remember the name of a new person or important information, and to memorize a speech for an event. For these goals, it is important to train the brain. If you do not train in memory, thinking, and attention, they will deteriorate with age.

Fitness for the mind is needed not only for people engaged in creative activities – it is necessary for every person. And for a trader, this is all the more important. After all, it is important for a trader to focus on cryptocurrency trading, carefully checking the news and price movements, and remember their successes and mistakes. It also needs to remember in which deals the trader earned or lost money.

Wikium – train programs for the brain

Review brain games a trader

There are many soft and sites for the brain. Personally, I use the Wikium online program. It has the next advantages: 1) Have a free version (with some restrictions). 2) The paid version is 2-3 times cheaper than that of competitors. 3) Mobile version for smartphones. 4) Interesting courses, and not just games for the mind, which increases the effectiveness of training.

Wikium is an online site where you can practice your attention, memory, and thinking. Fitness for the brain is a cognitive game and as special courses for the development of cognitive processes and certain skills. The courses for the mind do not take a lot of time, and this is what a trader needs to successfully trade in the crypto market.

It takes just only 15 minutes a day – this is enough to go through a program for the development of intelligence and brain in general. In addition, an individual development program is selected for Wikium for each new user. After registration, it is proposed to take a test to find which brain abilities should be developed in the future in the first place.

Each user can also set development goals in Wikium in order to train what he needs. For example, the profession “Businessman” for the development of business thinking and strategic planning, so it is ideal for a crypto trader. The “Polyglot” profession is for teachers or students who want to quickly learn a foreign language.

How to use Wikium

Review brain games a trader

To register on the site, go to the Wikium main page. You will be asked to take a test. You can go through it or go straight to registration, and run the test later. Next, click on the register button. Enter your email, then you will get a message to your email for confirming registration. Confirm it, create a password and now you can log in to the site.

Go to the site settings here, change the photo and fill some personal detail about self, if you want. Also here, you can select a development goal or leave everything as default. And here are some sections of the site. The first is the “Training Program”, aimed at a short brain workout of 15 minutes a day. Given 7 train games for the mind that change every day.

For frequent training, in order to achieve results faster, you need to buy a paid version of the program. The second one is “Brain games”, where you can choose any of the games and train on its implementation. But again, replays are available in the paid version of the program. The third is “Duels”, where competitions are held with other participants in the program.

Fourth – “Courses”, with videos, articles, and exercises, for example, for speed reading, the development of creative thinking, and meditation. Courses are all paid, you can buy separately each course or a set that will be much cheaper. Fifth – “Stats”, which stores all the information about your training and achievements in Wikium.


In this video, I told you about the training program for the brain – Wikium. Sign up, start developing, and become a successful trader. Wikium is more than just fitness for the mind, it is also interesting courses and a lot of useful information to be the best version of yourself. You will improve your memory, attention, and thinking, which is already good. For more details about this brain training, you can know from the page  “Brain Fitness for the Trader”. That’s all and see you in the new videos.

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