Shitcoins review – STU, VZT, NRVE, ING, GEM

Hello crypto traders. In this video, I will talk about the so-called Shitcoins, that is, cryptocurrencies that do not represent real value. Such tokens can cost some money and are often expensive to launch initially. But when ordinary users start buying them actively, these coins fall sharply in price and no longer rise, and people are left without their investments. I will tell you about a few projects of Shitcoins, let’s start!

STU review

shitcoinsBitjob is an organization that is trying to create a peer-to-peer blockchain marketplace where employers and students come together. It is a marketplace that students can use to get short-term contracts in their areas of interest, and employers can use it to post vacancies and obtain cheap labor. The platform’s long-term goal was to integrate blockchain into the business marketplace and prepare the technology for the future.

The native coin of this ecosystem is called STU. The coin is ranked 969th on coinmarketcap and has remained virtually unchanged in price in recent months. The coin is currently priced at $ 0.006 and the highest ever price was $ 0.23. It is characterized by low volatility (Binance). 

VZT review

Vezt is an intellectual property marketplace focused in particular on the music industry. The marketplace allows music fanatics and interested members to buy the rights to their favorite music and participate in the revenue generated. Fans can choose which parts of the song they want to own and can benefit from it.

The native coin of the marketplace is VZT. It is considered the 1090th coin on the coinmarketcap website. Coin trends have not changed significantly for the better since the beginning of the year. The current coin value is $ 0.018 and the maximum coin value is $ 4.11.

NRVE review

The NRVE network is a social network specially designed for content, where users can share content and collaborate in accordance with their interests. Netizens also have the ability to post content on behalf of their companies and organizations. People on the web can share their stories visually or through words with other users.

The NRVE token is ranked 852 on the coinmarketcap site. The NRVE trend is very interesting, it has had many ups and downs over the past year, but it has never exceeded the $ 1 mark. The current coin value is $ 0.018 and the maximum coin value is $ 0.07 (Binance). 

ING review

UNGO is a company that works to connect the world with the Internet. His entire goal of the project is to make Wi-Fi available to everyone anywhere in the world using multiple access points. IUNGO aims to become a global Internet service provider by pushing for decentralization and ramification of traditional network providers.

The network’s own coin is called ING. This token is ranked 881 on the coinmarketcap resource. Since its release, ING has been on a downward trend, with the current value of the coin being $ 0.017 and the highest value the coin has ever held is $ 0.4.

GEM review

Gems is a versatile cryptocurrency platform that manages user portfolios. It offers users options for managing user digital assets and an introduction to the new economy. The ecosystem offers options for tracking past and current trends, offline storage such as offline wallets and portfolio management services.

The Gems native coin is GEM. The token ranks 667 on the coinmarketcap website. Apart from the peak, which the coin reached in mid-April, it is gradually falling. The current value of GEM is $ 0.0019 and the highest value a coin has ever held is $ 0.057.


The video about review  Shitcoins like STU, VZT, NRVE, ING, and GEM is coming to an end. Of course, it pumps well and you can even make money on them. Therefore, if you want to make money on Shitcoins, be sure to trade the only intraday or daily with stop loss. There can be no talk about investing or holding Shitcoins since there are very high risks. That’s all and see you again in the new videos on

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