Cryptocurrency tools

Hello. In some previous videos about Soft, Equipment, and Applications for cryptocurrency, I have already said about some tools for working with digital money. But in this video, I want to tell you additional information about software and applications that I have not mentioned yet before. These applications are less obvious for use in crypto trading but will be very useful for gaining an edge over other traders. Let’s start friends!

Telegram in crypto trading

crypto tools

The first list of programs is notifications about transactions in cryptocurrencies. The first place is occupied by the TabTrader (for Android) and 3commas applications. It is convenient to trade using this software from a phone or tablet, as well as set notifications when the price reaches the desired price. This is important for opening or closing trades, as well as if you are trading breakouts or bounces from support and resistance line levels.

Another popular is the Blockfolio app. There is a version for both Android and iOS. It is a whole aggregator that also contains various news from the world of Bitcoin and other tokens and various analytical materials. However, in my opinion, this application is very crammed with unnecessary information and functionality, so I only use TabTrader and 3commas for convenient trading and notifications about price changes.

I would also like to say that the 3commas application allows you not only to trade conveniently on the road from your phone. This is also a whole Smart Trading terminal for manual trading, as well as for creating DCA bots, grid bots, and option bots. Manual scalping tools, futures, and margin loans to increase profits are available. Additionally, there is an option for auto-balancing the investor’s portfolio, which is useful for holders.

Cryptocurrency transaction notifications

crypto tools

And to keep abreast of all the news from the world of digital money, you can use news aggregators and social networks (Twitter and Facebook). But nevertheless, it is better for these purposes to use one program, which carries a lot of other useful functions. This is a Telegram application. Now I will describe in detail its capabilities:

1) A convenient way to receive cryptocurrency news of any exchange (Binance, Kucoin, Huobi, and others), as well as sites dedicated to electronic money. All you need to do is subscribe to the channel and all the news will come in one window. 2) The ability to find trading groups, paid and free, in which there is a lot of useful and valuable information. In other social networks, there are no such groups or very few.

3) Since Telegram copes with the protection of personal information and correspondence better than all other messengers, traders choose it, and almost every trader uses Telegram. Therefore, if you want to find trader friends, exchange experiences with each other, and analytics, you should use Telegram. 4) Ability to connect notifications about transactions and view the trading history in one window.

Cryptocurrency trading history

The history of trading in cryptocurrency is very important to keep abreast of developments and keep abreast. For these purposes, Telegram will come in handy. This will save you from having to constantly watch the chart and go to the exchange to view the history of orders. The trading history can be connected both from the exchange and 3commas.

To connect Telegram with the history of trades and transactions with 3commas, you need to go to this site, go to the settings and specify your Telegram user ID in the “Telegram bot”. After that, when you start opening deals manually or with the help of 3commas robots, all information about them will begin to come to you in Telegram.

Crypto transaction history information is text messages with numerical data. These are the trades for which pair you opened, position size, and volume. How many safety orders are involved or Averaging was used. Information about the completion of deals – what is the profit or loss in the trade. If you stop bots or stop trading at 3commas, Telegram will also notify you about this, which is very convenient.


The video about cryptocurrency tools is complete. In particular, I talked about the benefits of the Telegram application as a source for receiving the news. Telegram also offers training in digital money trading in special groups, communication with other traders, and notifications about transactions and trading history. See you again in the new videos on channel!

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