Trading results of 3commas February 2019

Hello Dear Cryptocurrency Traders! In this video, I will discuss my new report about how I trade cryptocurrency, through the use of bots on 3commas service. This is the second video, about how I personally use Bitcoin bots. I will show you my new successes and tell you what I have done to achieve them.

Report Cryptocurrency trading by 3commas – February 2019

Trading results of 3commas February 2019

Go to the section “My Deals”  of the 3commas site. Let’s look at what my balance is right now. Currently, it amounts to $1,605, which is almost 50,000 baht. This was earned within the past 2 months. I want to remind you that my result last month —January 2019— totaled 305 dollars. We can go to the statistics and look at the trading report for the 3commas crypto robots in January 2019. For more information, you can watch my previous video. The link for this video can be found above.

In this month—February 2019, my income was already 1,300 dollars or 40,000 baht. Which is actually 3 times more than what I earned in the previous month! But that is not all. My coins, such as Binance Coin and Bitcoin, also increased in price and it’s earned me an additional 2,000 dollars / 60,000 baht in the last 2 months! With a result of 100,000 baht whilst on automatic for a beginner crypto trader, I think that’s pretty good.

How did I manage to do this, and what did I specifically do to increase my income, just from trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies? I will tell you in short what I did, but I will give step-by-step details to those who’ve registered onto 3commas via my link, have subscribed to my YouTube channel and joined my group on Facebook. Links to these are in the description below the video. If you’ve completed these, you can personally contact me, and I will give you everything you need.


The first thing that I did was add more money to my deposit for trading crypto bots. If I had 270,000 baht already in my deposit, then I added another 270,000 baht—I doubled the deposit. This allowed me to trade large amounts of money on deals and make more profits accordingly. The rule is simple: the more money you have in your account, the more money you can earn and it even comes with a lower risk.

Of course, with the right strategy, you can earn good money on cryptocurrency with just a smaller deposit. But this is on the condition that you spend time and learn to trade manually. And also, you run the risk of losing all money you’ve committed! But by trading with crypto bots on a risk-low strategy, you spend only 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour in the evening and during the day you check in as you feel like doing so. This means that everything is automated and all the work is done by robots, for you!

Feedback Cryptocurrency trading on 3commas – February 2019

The second thing that I did was that I found the best way to successfully trade cryptocurrency and Bitcoin on the Binance exchange. Before, I used only composite bots, but the new strategy allows you to use Simple bots and still get a good profit. So, you can first use the tariff plan “Advanced” and save money on the services on 3commas. But in the future, it is still better to choose the tariff “Pro”, which will provide additional tools for earnings.

Next, I found some better crypto pairs for trading. It is usually 6–7 per day, and during the day, and every day you’ll need to change them. It takes only 2 hours a day, no more than that. For the subscribers of my channel, members of the Facebook group, and those who have registered on 3commas via my link, I can also give you access to the VIP group in the application—LINE. There, I will post a list of the best cryptocurrency pairs to use for the current day.

You will not need to analyze the charts and choose the pairs yourself! You will only have to look at the list of pairs in my group, then turn on and off the necessary bots periodically—3 times a day. As a result, the total time you are required to spend per day would not be more than 1 hour! I have a video about how to make set up the initial settings for 3commas bots and then join my group in LINE application, follow the recommended pairs, and make money automatically.

I have come to understand how to better configure the bots of 3commas so that you can earn more money. I made many mistakes in January of 2019. So, after I stopped making those mistakes, my bots helped me make more money. I will teach and explain all of these things in my upcoming secret video. So, hurry up and subscribe to my YouTube channel and register on 3commas!

Experience of trading by 3commas – February 2019

As an experienced user, I can say that am still just as happy as I was a month ago—February 2019, through using 3commas service. Here, you can really earn good money and you could earn even more than I have now. I am still learning and looking for better strategies for using crypto bots. I regularly testing new crypto pairs, settings, and trading signals.

In February 2019, I made fewer mistakes whilst Bitcoin trading compared to those I made in January 2019. Either way, I still make a few mistakes and, of course, I need to fix those. For example, if you’re not great at choosing the right pair for cryptocurrency trading, you can become investors (coins holder) and wait for the coins to grow in price. Bots have nothing to do with it. Bots do their work and trade only with profit. But the choice of pairs and strategy is all dependent on you, you have to accept sole responsibility for that.

If your deal doesn’t close after a relatively long time, it means that you are now an investor and it does not matter if you are in Long or Short positions. You can close the deal or sell/buy it at market price, but then you could lose the money. But to be an investor and wait for a long time is also not proven to be profitable, you might not be able to use your funds that you’ve invested into the deal and you also won’t be able to use them to open new deals.

Therefore, it is important to choose the right pairs for trading and change them at the correct time every day to reduce the risk and also to avoid being the investor (coin holder). I understand this mistake, and next time I am certain that I’ll be able to earn more. I can teach you how to set everything up correctly. And I can give recommendations for trading pairs for the current day. This way, you will not experience such problems and I guarantee that you will not repeat my mistakes.

And finally, I can say that I am really sure that the 3commas bots are working successfully. And the results that I showed you can be much better. Next month—March 2019—I will try to earn even more profits and I will definitely share all of the details with you.


This video report about the 3commas bots used for bitcoin trading during February 2019 by 3commas finish. Wait for a new report on the cryptocurrency trading bots in the following month. I’ll be in touch!

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