Trading results of 3commas January 2019

Glad to see you all dear traders. In this video, I want to share my trading experience on the automated trading service cryptocurrency 3commas. This will be the first video dedicated to how I personally used this service. I will show you a full report on the work of my bots and what earning is possible with their help in the cryptocurrency market. Let’s get started

How I started using 3commas

Trade results 3commas

So, in this video, I want to show you what my 3commas trading results were at the beginning of January 2019. Right now you can see that I have a membership subscription “Pro” tariff plan and I can create Component and BitMEX bots. That is means, on this subscription I have access to all the features of this service. To begin with, I start using the Pro tariff plan 3commas from January 3, 2019.

So let’s go to the “Transactions history” section and you can see when I had made the payment. The first payments I did not pass because there were problems with the PayPal payment system. Then I corrected it and the last payment of $ 600 did pass. Therefore, it is best way to pay for the services of the bot 3commas by cryptocurrency – much faster and easier. I was tried PayPal and don’t like it.

I wanted to say that from 1 to 3 2019 January years, the reason for Happy New Year, 3commas company make promo action and selling the Pro tariff plan for 1 year with a 50 percent discount. Instead of $ 1,182 for 1 year, I paid only $ 600.

In general, 3commas often make promo actions for membership subscriptions, like for tariff plan “Pro”. For to know about any promo actions and discounts for crypto bots, subscribe to my YouTube channel and join the group on Facebook! So you will have more chances to get a profitable offer. All links you can find in the description under of the video. But if you want to start earning right now, then registering at my link 3commas and buy the tariff plan “Pro” …

First – you will get a 10% discount on your first payment. For example, if you bought a subscription “Pro” for 1 year, instead of $ 1,188, you will pay $ 1,000 and save almost $ 200! By the way, here my price is written in service now 990 dollars, do not pay attention – this is an additional discount for me as for current customers of 3commas. For next year’s subscription probably you will get a discount.

Second – I will give you a working earnings strategy for 3 commas and bot settings that I personally use. So you don’t need to waste time and lost money, trying to find some good strategy for trading crypto.

3commas does not teach or training customers only sells the product and can answer questions regarding technical aspects. And how to set up bots, how to use them and trade correctly, they do not teach. But I teach and for free! Just only for the subscribers of my channel, who is in my group Facebook and who opened an account 3commas by my link.

Cryptocurrency trading report through 3commas – January 2019

Trade results 3commas

Go to the section “My deals” of the site. We see what my income is now. Exactly for the last 1 month from 3 January till 3 February 2019 year – profit is 305 dollars, which is almost 10,000 baht. By the way, I have only two bots, in the Long and Short positions. But the bots are Composite and trade in several pairs. The first Long bot trade in 5 pairs, and the second Short bot trade in 2 pairs. If you are interested in knowing which bots and settings I use, subscribe to my channel, and get ready-made instruction.

And 1 more thing – since profit in service is in Bitcoin, the incoming is not fix, because the rate of this cryptocurrency changes almost every day. That is, it sometimes shows 320 dollars, sometimes 280 dollars, so it depending on the current exchange rate. But if Bitcoin will grow much, then this amount will also grow.

This is at the first deposit of 1 Bitcoin or 130 thousand baht. The settings were with the lowest percentage, the very safest trading. The income from 6,000 to 10,000 baht per month with a deposit of 100-130 thousand baht on the auto trading, is not bad, right? Now, as you can see, I put even more money in total – almost 2.5 Bitcoins or $ 8,000- $ 8,500, which is 250000-270000 baht.

I was set the “Profit target” settings higher and therefore I expect the potential profit of about 15,000-20,000 baht next month. And this month I had the old settings and with the new settings, the bots had not yet managed to trade. Therefore, in a month or a bit later I will show you a new video and a new report in which you will see everything yourself.

In general, if you change smart the settings, then on automatic trading, I am sure that you can make about 25,000 – 30,000 baht per month and more from the deposit of 200,000-300,000 baht (6,000-10,000 dollars). And this is almost 10% and more per month! This is on condition right that you almost do not spend time in the trade – all work will do robots. And if your coins, like Bitcoin will grow, you can make a double profit from your crypto incoming money! Sound nice, huh?

Feedback trading crypto in 3commas – January 2019

Feedback about 3commas I have only positive. Everything is tested in practice. Let’s move on to the statistics section – “My bots”. Here you can see only positive statistics on the charts. If you have enough manual cryptocurrency trading or you are ready to learn, then you can help bots for trading together. That is, combining manual and auto trading, so you can increase your income many times.

So to say during working hours, you can follow the charts and track the price movement, monitor the situation and OFF, and ON the necessary bots depending on the current situation. At night time, when you sleep – robots are working for you. It will save a lot of time!

But if you want just to invest money, to set up bots and forget… This is also possible and good for beginner traders, who do not understand trading. Only once set up correctly, run the bots and periodically check their work. All statistics can be checked here in the “My Bots” and “My Transactions” sections.

There is also have application 3commas for Android and Apple devices, where you can see all the statistics on your trading. At this moment, my bots a little more than a week are in positions. Because it was a week ago that Bitcoin started falling from $ 3,700 to $ 3,400 and then went backward. You can see here when my deals were open and the bots are working.

Now I do nothing, just wait. Due to the fact that I do not risk whole my deposit, but only part of it, I can withstand long drawdowns and wait for the price to go in my direction. I trust the system and it has already justified itself many times. In the next video, there will be a new report and I will show you the new results of my trading.

The results of the trade crypto in 3commas – January 2019

Now I can say my final opinion – I am very pleased with the work of 3commas and recommend this service. And when properly configured, it pays for itself in thrice and more. It is more profitable to buy tariff “Pro” for a year subscription, so it will be cheaper. Paying just for a month and with a small deposit, less than 100,000 baht, the tariff plan “Pro” is, unfortunately, you probably don’t back investment money – I’m talking about this honestly.

This reason, it is better to buy a subscription for a year and correct setup bots – will help you with this! And then start trading at least with a deposit of 100,000 baht or more. The smaller the deposit, the lower your earnings or risk. But I do not advise you to risk. It is better to make more money on your regular job or other business. And then invest in a cryptocurrency for trading and put lower risk settings and earn money on the Internet step by step, make your deposit grow and bigger.

And I also want to add one thing and warn … 3commas or any other bot from the site is it not an extra way make easy money. If you buy a bot, it does not have to pay for itself! You should at least properly set it up and have a good deposit (a good deposit, for example, from 100,000 baht).

3commas is a working tool that makes it possible to earn with cryptocurrency. It is a different thing. It’s like buying a shovel – you can just put it on the ground and not use it. Or you can go digging the ground and find a gold mine. Therefore, before buying a 3commas robot or another bot, be aware of all the responsibility and consider all the risks.

And last what I would like to say – to earn with 3commas, using the correct settings is real and possible. And it is not difficult. But you have to spend a little time and effort. My video lessons and articles to help you. Let’s do it!


Video about the cryptocurrency trading report in the service 3commas the end. I hope that it was useful to you. In the future, you are waiting for new similar video reports on working with bots 3commas. Keep in touch!

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