What to do if the bots stop working on Cryptorg?

Hello, fellow crypto traders. In this video, I want to talk about an important topic—when CRYPTORG bots do not work. That is, if the market practically stops and does not move, so the bots also stop and do not work. In this video tutorial, I will teach you what to do in a situation such as this, as well as how to extract the maximum profit when the market is silent.

When the crypto market is stagnant

What to do if bots stopped on Cryptorg

Sometimes situations like this can happen when bots require a monthly payment, but there are almost no open deals. What we should do? The first method is to check the crypto market situation. For example, let’s look at Bitcoin on the website: CoinMarketCap.com. On November 25, 2018, it fell to $ 3,601—about 117,000 baht, although on November 7 its value was $ 6,541—about 214,000 baht. Bitcoin almost fell down twice!

Many other coins also fell, due to this, when BTC is exchanged to normal money, your amount in dollars is less. I bought Bitcoin 2 months ago on BINANCE for the amount of $ 500, and all of my deposit as well as the bot was dealt with in BTC, if BTC fell, then my deposit will become smaller. From $ 500 to $ 300, so I would lose about 200 dollars. But this is not the bot’s mistake. The bot’s trading is good and works to give me profit. That is, the bots open deals and finish with a profit. Robots do their job very well, as can be seen later on in the video. But when the cryptocurrency that you have falls, then it makes sense that the coin value will fall too—hence, its value will be less.

But when the cryptocurrency grows, the number of Bitcoins will also go up. And all of the coins will grow accordingly. Bitcoin is definitely always growing, even when its value drops by 70%. Therefore, sometimes you have to remain calm and just wait, be sure to extend the subscription for using bots on CRYPTORG and put some more money into your deposit. It is important that the bots can always work and trade constantly — as they need to keep waiting for good moments, and they also need to keep opening up new deals. And as soon as the price immediately go down or up, the robots will open new profitable deals and you can close your previous losses.

The second method is for when you do not want to lose money in Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. It just includes transferring money to Tether (TUSD)—the equivalent of a US dollar, which is almost always stable. Thus, you will not lose your money. But if Bitcoin grows, then your money in Tether will not grow, so you’ll earn nothing. The strategy of transferring money to Tether is such that you need to wait and catch the moments when the cryptocurrency falls and then seize the opportunity to transfer it to Tether before your loss becomes great because the cryptocurrency has fallen too much.

Then wait for the moment when the coins will grow and the transfer them from Tether before it grows to much. You can open a deal through the CRYPTORG site, by choosing the USDT / BTC currency pair in the “My Bots” section, when you create a new bot or change settings to choose another trading pair. Or you can manually exchange Bitcoin for Tether on a crypto exchange site, for example, BINANCE.

To do this, go to the “Exchange” section in the upper left corner of this site, after which a window will open with a chart and a cryptocurrency trade view. And here in the search section, you’ll need to enter “TUSD” to find the coin Tether with Bitcoin (TUSD / BTC), click it when you’ve found it, and you’ll open the page where you can buy or sell a Tether. Just keep in mind that to complete these transactions you need funds in your balance deposit, and they must be in Bitcoin currency.

Manual trading with Cryptorg

What to do if the bots stop working on Cryptorg?

The third method applies for if your tariff plan on CRYPTORG has already expired, just don’t pay it for a while until the market begins to the movie again. Your deals, which are already set up by the robots on the crypto stock exchange, they won’t go anywhere, they will wait there for you, and when the rate rises, they will begin to work again. And when the market starts to move, it will be possible to pay for the robots again and it’ll begin to work.

However, if you have any not completed deals at CRYPTORG, it is better to move them manually to the crypto exchange stock. To do this, go to the CRYPTORG site, open the section “My bots”, choose a bot with the cryptocurrency pair that is of interest to us, where it still has a working deal. In my case, I have this pair, BTC/LTC. Go to the settings of this pair and we’ll look at that what we have. My bots here bought 0.00851200, 0.00859700, 0.00868300, and others as well.

So, I can take back an average amount of money here, cancel this deal, and put, for example, an amount of 0.00868. I then go to the BINANCE website, click on the section “Exchange”, and choose the BTC/LTC trading pair—you can use the search function here and then open the crypto trading page with the BTC / LTC pair. But below, we now have a value of 0.0078. Here you can put the price here, we’ll put 0.00868. But to continue, first, we must cancel the deal. Go back to the site CRYPTORG, go to the window with the pair of BTC/LTC and click “Cancel deal”, confirm it, and we’re done; the deal has been canceled. Accordingly, this deal on BINANCE has been canceled too, we’ll now go back there and see what we have. And here we have, the value of how many LTCs are currently available, which is 0.586. Now, we’ll set the quantity to 100%. Click “Sell”, we’re and done—the new deal has been opened, with an amount of 0.00868.

In general, the new deal is now on BINANCE, but it’s not yet on CRYPTORG. Therefore, when the crypto market price grows, and even if you do not have time to pay for the extension tariff of CRYPTORG and run bots, you will still make some profit. This is because you manually opened a deal on BINANCE. But, of course, it’s better to keep your robots constantly working. 


With this, our video has come to an end. See you at the next one!

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