Why we should buy Binance Coin?

Hello, guys! Today I’ll be talking about crypto coins which we might invest into cryptocurrency, we’ll discuss currencies. I will be providing you with some facts. Today’s talk will be about utility-tokens on BINANCE stock. This is a Binance Coin (BNB) and it is similar to Huobi tokens and other stocks. But today it’s time to discuss Binance Coin because we can trade this coin in a pair with other currencies.

3 reasons to buy Binance coin

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For example, using the service of Cryptorg—we can trade via BINANCE exchange stock—you can trade BNB and increase your BNB. Why did I decide to pay attention to Binance Coin? I would like to trade in order to acquire coins that will be useful in everyday life. They differ from other cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin or Ethereum. Tokens fall from the crypto-markets different to other cryptocurrencies and they can bring you good income.

Let’s go to CoinMarketCap and look at today’s market. Last time, it was all almost green.  But some coins were red. So, let’s see…Etherium Classic looks nice. And they have the Binance Coin, which is what we’ll be talking about today. There are some currencies that didn’t fall from last month, but they grew and have continued to grow—they provide a stable income.  Let’s talk about why I am recommending you to look at the Binance Coin and other tokens from crypto stocks.

Firstly, these tokens are used in trading on crypto stocks, and Binance Coin will help you to save 50% of the commissions whilst trading. People specially buy these tokens to trade with. It is popular. BINANCE stock has now more than 9 million customers, who trade with it for real. And this number of customers grew from last year. It was 2 million in 2017, and it has already reached 9 million in 2018. This number of customers ensures that this crypto stock is stable. This means that people are interested in cryptocurrency, interested in trading with it and so they register for the stock and begin to trade with it. I trade with it too. And one of the main reasons why I buy BNB, is because it reduces my commission and expenses on BINANCE. This is the first benefit of this token. But commission on BINANCE is quite low already.

Secondly, the total amount of Binance Coin is limited and the company destroys off the surpluses of this coin sometimes. This means that Binance Coin, the company gets commission from deals, and BINANCE destroys it. So, the amount of BNB becomes less and less. It makes this currency grow periodically and it gets more expensive.

Thirdly, BINANCE is one of the largest stocks for crypto trading. Deals that are worth billions of dollars take place on it. Go check this coin and see how it grew 0.5% more to Bitcoin, and went down by 1.5% in comparison with Etherium—but that’s not much of an issue. If you look at this situation, this is the stock in 2017. During that time, the token only cost 10 cents, then it began to grow. That was during the time when all of the currencies grew and Bitcoin was over $20,000.

Analysis of Binance coin

Why we should trade binance coin-1

Let’s look it at when it started growing. It got quiet in February. Look at the 6th of February—when the price of BNB cost $5.72. If you’d bought it at that time and sold it, you would have increased your deposit by 5 times. But now the times are different. From January till the middle of 2018, all cryptocurrencies fell down. It happened slowly, but it went down over many months. One day, the trend will change, for sure, and all cryptocurrencies will go up again.

You see there was a trend where Bitcoin and Binance Coin just grew. It grew very nicely and holders who had them experienced a great income from it. It cost $1.65 then, and after that, the price increased to $2. It grew about 20 times. It was like Bitcoin. Bitcoin grew from$1000 to $19000. So, if Bitcoin grew, that means that Binance Coin will do the same and it’ll grow too, together with Bitcoin. But now this is another situation. If we look at the 6th of February, when it is no longer stationary, we can see that there is a trend of growth. From $5.72 it grew to $15.32. It almost grew by 200%. It means that if you’d bought it at that time (BNC for $5 each), then you would have doubled your earnings. For 5 months, you would have made double of whatever you earned. It sounds very good and we can see that it is still growing.

Sometimes the price goes down but it normally goes up, however we can’t say the same about the main cryptocurrency, the one that is held by many people.   For example, Bitcoin, let’s check it right now.  We’ll go look at the 6th of February once again, around here… We see that the market goes down like this, and from here, it must go up again. Bitcoin went up until $11,000. On the 6th of February, it was $6,340, and now it is just $6,605. So, in these 5 months, there has been a very small profit for us. And Bitcoin’s continuing to drop. So, this is one of the big advantages of Binance Coin—we should invest some money into this crypto coin.

Now I am going to check Ethereum. Again, we’ll look at the 6th of February. Here the price went down and then we see the current price of Ethereum. $579 and now it is at $496. It’s not increasing. From the start of February till the 11th of June, the price hasn’t grown.  Let’s look at another cryptocurrency. For example, we can check up on Stellar. They have some Alt Coins that they are growing. So, here was what it was like in February and it fell. It cost 32 cents on the 6th of February, and now it costs just 23 cents, so this cryptocurrency made a 30% loss.

Why and what happens? Many Alt Coins, which were included in some other projects, they are not popular as the crypto exchange stocks. You cannot trade any cryptocurrency without exchange stock, right? Stocks are the main players in crypto markets. Exchange stocks are able to control the trading volume and the exchanging of cryptocurrencies.   So, the tokens of exchange stocks are not able to lose their price completely. I won’t say ‘never’, but until that time these stocks will keep existing, have commissions, and Stock Coins will grow. I am thinking that at least Binance Coin will grow. So, when the trend changes and goes up, Binance Coin will grow too. That is my conclusion.

Binance coin for trading on Cryptorg and 3commas

Why we should trade binance coin-1

I am now transferring most of my funds into Binance Coin and I will begin to increase it. I repeat again that it’s a limited amount of BNB, the company destroys some coins, the customer base is growing and more people will buy this coin. When more people buy any coin, it means that it’s useful, so the price will continue growing for this coin. If the amount of BNB becomes less, the cryptocurrency will become more expensive. So now you can buy BNB and hold it as an investment or use CRYPTORG for automatic bot trading. You can find the links below this video. It’s not marginal trading—I’ve told you this before. Visit my YouTube channel and watch my previous videos. You will know how to set up bots for trading with Binance Coin, Etherium, Bitcoin, or any other coin, no matter what it will trade automatically. You can do the same trading with BNB because many deals happen with BNB every day, with different pairs.

Pay attention to Huobi stock. I mean, I have the Huobi-token. You can buy it too, it costs just $4-5, but I think it has got a large potential because it’s one of the largest stocks in the world. I think, that this token will grow too. Generally, you should choose tokens which are useful to people. Not for pumps and other strange things. Here, for example, Lisk coin. Is it useful? I don’t actually know what it is. And the coins Zilliqa and Decred are the same. What are they for?

There are many different and interesting coins, but only the BINANCE coin actually has a foundation. There are 9 million users on BINANCE stock, who are trading for real and it is very useful because it helps to make the commission much less. And It will always grow in price. If it becomes less that BNB, the price for this coin will grow up. Also, there’s news that BINANCE has an agreement to trade with fiat currencies. Soon, there may be an opportunity for pair trading with BNB in pounds, euros, dollars, or maybe some other currency. So, if the stock continues to grow, there will be more clients and Binance Coin will grow too, for sure.


So that was my thoughts about BNB on Binance. See you in the next video about crypto-trading.

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