10 advantages of 3commas and real feedback

Good day, crypto traders. In this video, I will tell you the 10 main advantages of 3commas, why I like it and I’ll also give you my opinion about this service. That is, I will give you a real review, which is based on my own personal experience of using 3commas after a long time.

3commas – 10 features you should know

3commas features and feedback

The first is when you first visit the Smart Trade section, you will see that there are no graphs at the bottom of the page. To enable them, click on ‘Trading View’. Here, you can also turn on “Signals”, which will allow you to better plan a cryptocurrency trading strategy.

The second is that 3commas not only offers trading services for robots but also provides tools for manual trading. It is under the option “Buy/Sell”—there is a clever option that allows you to buy and sell crypto coins directly from the service for any crypto exchanges you have connected. Furthermore, the option “Smart Trade” manually trades on buy and sell using Trailing Stop Loss and Trailing Take Profit; it also has the ability to allow you to use Take Profit and Stop Loss at the same time. Manual trading has never been as simple as using   “Smart Trade” on 3commas! Then, we have the option “Smart Sell”. This allows you to intelligently sell the crypto coins you already have. And in the end, the option “Smart Cover” is for selling and buying back cryptocurrency. For more information about these features, you can watch the video and the article “Getting Started with 3 commas”.

Thirdly, there are crypto bots. They have the Short bot, Simple bot, Composite bot, and Composite short bot, which can work both during the growth of the market and the fall of the market.  Also on 3commas, there is an available feature called “Copy Trade”, it allows you to copy good deals and the bots of other traders. You just to open a successful configuration, see, copy and use. It requires minimal action from you—you can even use the auto trading strategies of other professional traders!

My fourth point is that there is a wide list of cryptocurrency exchanges available, which can be connected to 3commas. Such as BINANCE, KUCOIN, Bittrex, Bitfinex, BITMEX, Bitstamp, Poloniex, HitBTC, Cex, Coinbase Pro, OKEX, Huobi, Cryptopia, Ethereum Wallet and YOBIT. In addition, right in 3commas, you can set it up to directly buy Binance Coins, to reduce payment by the commission of this exchange.

My fifth point is that it is different from other services. On the 3commas, you can change the parameters of the deal for orders that have already been set up. To do this, you need to click on the display of the three points that are located opposite to your order and click “Edit”.

My sixth point is that if you figure that you need to urgently cancel a deal, then you can use the “Panic Sell” function, which is also in the menu with three dots. It is very easy to cancel the deal directly in 3commas, without going to any other exchange account.

My seventh point is that opposite the order placed by you, you should press the green button with arrows and you can get detailed legitimate data on that deal. It is an extremely useful feature.

My eighth point is that the “Trader Diary” is an important addition. It shows you a very visual report on all your deals with various filters. You can easily analyze your bidding and share the results with other traders, using the system.

My ninth point is the ability to create portfolios for 3commas and successful investments in promising projects. On the tariff plan “Pro”, there is a unique “Auto-balance” function for cryptocurrency portfolios through 3commas. This function, in the specified time period, will fix the portfolio to its original settings in automating.

Lastly,  3commas has an application for Apple iOS and Google Play. So that you can control your trading directly from your iPhone or smartphone on Android.

Personal opinion and review about 3commas

3commas features and feedback

And now I want to tell you my personal opinion and give you some feedback about 3commas. My verdict is that it is a system that works great and should be used. Today, there are many crypto traders on the internet with positive reviews about 3commas which say that it provides advanced manuals and bot trading for cryptocurrency. But as you already understand, the 3commas project has some pretty special attention. On the very first day of testing the system, I already found that I loved it very much. Here, you can work with a huge number of crypto exchanges at the same, from this one platform and you can really make money on cryptocurrency from using these manual tools or robots for auto crypto trading.

Composite robots are especially nice, as they have the ability to copy the successful trades from other traders, without having to set up everything yourself. Even if you are not engaged in trading, it is enough to learn how to set up “Stop Loss” and identify noticeable market movements. This will allow you to not lose on a deep market correction, but instead earn a profit, when other traders lose money. It is important to add that developers are constantly improving their services, and in the future, we can see even more useful tools from the 3commas team.


This video has come to an end. Let’s open an account and start earning. This service is really cool and I now only trade with 3commas, because it has a lot of tools for making big profits, in terms of cryptocurrency.

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