Coinmarketcap, Coincheckup, and Coingecko

Hello. In this video, I want to talk about useful services for analyzing the cryptocurrency market – Coinmarketcap, Coincheckup, and Coingecko. These platforms allow you to assess the market capitalization, the main trend (bullish or bearish), check the history of tokens, and much more. I will tell you about everything in order further. Let’s start!

Coinmarketcap review

Coinmarketcap, Coincheckup, Coingecko

The Coinmarketcap website helps to analyze a particular cryptocurrency, find out the history and information about the project, even if it is not listed on major crypto exchanges such as Binance, Kucoin, Huobi, Bybit, Bitkub. This allows you to understand the best price for a token and on which exchange it is better to buy it at the present time. There is a search on the platform where you need to enter the name of the coin.

After that, you will receive all the data about the project along with the schedule, a link to the developer’s website and the Telegram community. In the “Explorer” section, you can check transactions in the network of the cryptocurrency of interest. “Rank” – a coin’s place in relation to others in the market. Capitalization is the product of the value of one token by the entire amount of a given digital currency in circulation in USD or BTC.

Coingecko review

Coinmarketcap, Coincheckup, CoingeckoThe second popular service will be Coingecko, which repeats the basic functions of Coinmarketcap, but has a number of distinctive features. So Coinmarketcap provides more information about the most famous cryptocurrencies and full information about them. In turn, Coingecko provides much less such information and descriptions of projects.

However, here it will be possible to find rare and new tokens that are not yet even on Coinmarketcap. The second main difference is the ability to view the Metamask or Binance Smart Chain contract, where you can also buy the coin you are interested in. The third difference is the search filters and the display of elements in the interface, of which there are more here, but this does not affect the functionality.

Coincheckup review

Coinmarketcap, Coincheckup, CoingeckoThe third service, Coincheckup, is an intermediate option between Coinmarketcap and Coingecko. In fact, it copies many features and information from Coinmarketcap, but not all, however, it does not have data on rare coins, like on Coingecko. There is also a minimalistic and user-friendly interface, but functionality is less than that of Coingecko.

Coingecko has more different metrics and sections, but there is no analog Historical Snapshot and no subsection with data on lending rates. As for the reliability of information about trading and volumes of cryptocurrencies, they are the same on all three platforms. A distinctive feature of Coincheckup is that it contains predictions of the value of cryptocurrencies based on market growth or decline patterns that can be useful.


Video about services Coinmarketcap, Coincheckup, and Coingecko, completed. I did a quick overview of each of the three platforms, talked about the advantages and disadvantages, and made a comparison between them. I think it’s worth using at least Coinmarketcap and Coingecko, which complement each other perfectly. That’s all until the next videos on

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