Review of arbitrage crypto bots Wunderbit

Hello, friends! I recently learned about a new and interesting platform for automatic cryptocurrency trading – Wunderbit. This is a whole combine and a mixture of modern tools for both the beginner and the professional crypto trader. I will tell you the details later in this review.

New Cryptocurrency Bots 2021

arbitrage crypto bots What makes Wunderbit bitcoin and altcoin bots different from other platforms and why is it worth paying attention to? First, it is an initial and free “Free” plan with minimal restrictions. “Free” includes the following options: 2 active crypto robots, 5 open positions at the same time, 1 active exchange, Trading Terminal for the futures market, and a spot.

Secondly, on the “Basic” tariff plan for 9.95 USD per month, you additionally have access to 5 active bots, 15 open positions, 2 active exchanges, DCA bots, and averaging in the trading terminal. Thirdly, in the “Pro” subscription for 24.95 USD per month, you will also receive 15 active bots, 100 open positions, 5 active exchanges, and also the opportunity to use Spread and Swing trading!

Spread and swing trading bots

Review of arbitrage crypto bots WunderbitFourth, the latest and most expensive Premium plan will cost $ 44.95 per month. It offers everything the same as the “Pro” subscription but without restrictions on the number of active crypto bots, open positions, and exchanges. Moreover, when paying for 3 months, 6 months and 12 months, discounts of 10%, 15%, and 30% apply, respectively.

For a beginner trader, the “Basic” subscription for 1 year at the price of 83.58 USD is quite enough, and for the experienced trader the “Pro” subscription for 1 year at the price of 209.58 USD. At the same time, trading signals, copying of manual trades, and bots are available without restrictions on the “Basic”, “Pro” and “Premium” subscriptions (on the “Free” subscription, it is available with great restrictions).

Copying deals and bots of other traders

Review of arbitrage crypto bots WunderbitPerhaps the most important difference between Wunderbit and other similar platforms is its cheap subscription price, the ability to use Spread and Swing strategies in cryptocurrency trading, convenient and fine settings for Grid, DCA, and futures bots. And of course, this is copying transactions and bots of other people. And in the near future, the developers promise to create arbitrage bots!

Copy-trading in Wunderbit offers not only copying the bot settings of the best traders, but also the ability to follow a particular trader. For example, if a professional trader makes changes to their crypto bots or transactions in the Trading Terminal, the same changes are copied automatically to your account! You can cancel these changes at any time or customize everything as you want.

Another advantage of Wunderbit is free signals for bots or manual trading in the Terminal. But any signals and settings of bots of other people do not guarantee successful trading, so you still have to learn how to use crypto robots and trade yourself. Also, the user can create his own bot and connect any signals from TradingView.


The video about the Wunderbit cryptocurrency bots is completed. I reviewed this platform and talked about its main features. Try these robots for trading bitcoin and altcoins right now for free, and then, if you wish, buy a paid subscription to increase the efficiency of your trading. That’s all until new videos on

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